The use of words ‘stress’ and ‘grades’

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It all unfolded today morning when we were getting ready for school at 6.45am. Yuvan showed an unusual reaction for wearing his shirt first as compared to his vest. He made a quick fist punch to the couch seat he was sitting.
His normal reaction would be a wide grin and ‘ Ahhhh man !!’

I quickly told him he can’t do that and asked why? He said, ‘Yesterday my PE teacher told me that today I will have an assessment for the Tamarind(?) dance and she will give me grades… So I am stressed that I may not get A plus as I am not so good and correct in step 4. I am sure you will not be happy if I get a C and so I am hoping to get an A’

I was actually flabbergasted cos we have never spoken about grades though am very well aware that he is too obsessed getting all correct in everything he does…

There were times when he missed a mark for a silly mistake and kept talking about it ‘ ahhh man…’ Every single time I have told him ‘that’s ok.. Take it positively… See you learnt something from this and love you’ and today I told him ‘ enjoy yourself whether it’s dance or maths or anything and give your best.. Learn everything with joy’ ‘You don’t have to worry!! As you enjoy yourself and give your best, you will do well’ ‘I love you’…

Yuvan, Touch wood and I am so proud to say ‘you are such a gift from God and I will always be thankful to God and cherish and love you’

PS:- I love this mobile blogging.. If not this post will be sitting in my mind I don’t know for how long…


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