Reflections – 2011 – Yuvan’z K2 Graduation

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All I wanted over the last few months, was to blog back like before.. But I wasn’t able to… Yuvan had a blast Holidays starting from his Graduation Day:)

23rd October was the Day,  our little boy graduated from K2!!!! It was a great feeling to see our little son wear the graduation gown, with the little graduation hat!!!

And little did we know, he did a major performance role in the graduation concert together with his good friend Eleanor:) We were pleasantly surprised to see too many pictures of him displayed for order and he did awesome great on the stage. The good thing about Yuvan is, he enjoys completely what he does:) It was a day to remember !!! and Well done my Dear Boy!

Just before they entered the Graduation Hall, Yuvan as usual joined with his friends of 3 years starting from his Montessori Days….

Yuvan will continue and cherish their friendship forever:)

Two of the many Graduation Keep Sakes 🙂




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