Descriptive ~ Creative writing – Workshop -1

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I wanted to introduce creative writing and descriptive writing for a long time and I was really stuck on where to start it , though I had a pool of resources. It was all that I wanted  him to have an interest for creative and descriptive writing ,as well learn the basics well.

So finally I decided to start with something , in this case ,it was a picture of a horse ( as he always is fascinated by animals ) and I did ask him to write a few sentences about it. To my surprise he was able to write more than 10 sentences giving a lot of information by himself , with a little bit of leads with my questions like ” does he love horses ? has he been on a horse back ?  “.

Then he was more interested, excited to do one more .This is what I wanted …a curiosity and the interest about the work he always does 🙂

Then I wanted to try doing a story with a story starter and a picture , with lots of room for imagination … And to my surprise, he came up with a funny story which was creative enough for a 5 year old, attempting his first story..

It was a great productive and creative one plus hour of work.. we both enjoyed it and this creative writing workshop is set to continue at home step by step !!!!

First Kudos to Yuvan!!!!


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