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Stencil Creativity

I am Right now amazed by Yuvan’s creativity and incorporation.

I have never thought of buying him a stencil set before except the stencil in a ruler he has !!!!yesterday The a small stencil came along as a free bee with Milk. And look at what he has done with it…

Stage 1

I am sure amazed by his creativity of using the stencil to show a race among the fishes /dolphins (to be precise) in the sea and he has incorporated a Ordinal number concept in it… i.e..1st , 2 nd…  and what the other fishes that are behind may be thinking / feeling… Awesome .. and he did it without any single tip from me… I am indeed feeling guilty Why didn’t I Buy him stencil’s before 😦 Time to buy now!!!!

Every time he keeps proving he is a very good visual leaner and an interpreter!!!!!He is  a conceptual person.. He needs to know things from scratch and if taught that way, he always grasps t quickly and he s confident that he knows a lot about it right from the scratch!!!!

Stage :2

He has here tried to color it.. but he made mistake of coloring the thought cloud after writing, but has tried to redo it outside.

To take note of his creativity or filling the theme are the cars on the road.. aeroplane in the sky…

I am really proud of you man!!!!Keep it going 🙂

A complete scene

Another recent causal work by him  –

This is another surprise  – Because he tried to draw the Indian flag – all by himself and he has tried to complete the scene,which I find it awesome !!!


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