Lack of sleep…

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Are you one of those sleeping in like 5 hrs a day only ????

Then, You must read the study…

This article is originally from The Times of India linked..

The Major points to note are

Sleep deprivation is also emerging as a key reason for heart ailments. Recent research from London shows a person who sleeps less than six hours a night has a 48% higher risk of developing or dying from heart disease. This could hold true for Mumbaikars too, say doctors.

Cardiologist Brian Pinto recalled the death of a friend’s 43-year-old son who collapsed on the road while jogging at 5.45am. “Youngsters are cutting down on sleep to accommodate more work hours and exercise. But without seven hours of sleep, this could spell disaster,” said Pinto.

“There is a strong risk factor between obstructive sleep apnea and hypertension. If a patient’s blood pressure is not controlled by medicines, then we recommend that he undergo a sleep pattern test as sleep apnea is most likely the cause,” he said.

I have lately realised that I need to put in more hours of sleep… literally meaning Early to bed… as My morning starts at 6.30 am least…

So I need to buckle up.!!!!


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