Tried Lap Booking or Note booking with your kids ?

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I have realized and implemented other forms of learning through Simplified Lap booking / Note booking for Yuvan…

Though I don’t follow the rules of Lap-booking and Note-booking,  I do a simplified form , which includes a pictorial description with coloring and labeling options and then if available read a fact book on the same topic and write about the particular topic of what they have learned in few lines.

It can be either done using a chart paper folded as a booklet and the pictorial description cut and pasted around with one side dedicated to write-up of the understood content.

Or can be done with simple A4 sheets , one side dedicated for write-up and other for pictorial description , labeling… and then can be filed using a sheet protector for future reference.

This can go on with replacing the pictorial description with small paper plate crafts in conjunction with the write ups and saved for future reference the same way .

Or a separate notebook dedicated or this, with one side being dedicated for the pictorial depiction and the other side for write ups.

I have noticed, Y can really grasp the concepts faster this way … It inculcates art and craft which helps with motor skills , reading – about the topic , writing – writing what he has learnt in the few lines.

And simply loves doing it..

This can be done on any topic , in any form with Lap booking and Note-booking as a guideline , which will finally get the child enjoy doing this as well get some knowledge through 🙂

And also will simply be a great keepsake as they grow Up!

Yuvan has done a few more over the months , But Still haven’t gone on record on this blog… will do it when I get the time….

Why don’t you give a try ,If you Like it?


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