Note Booking and Project#1 – Plant

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Two days back.. I was browsing over the internet to find some  useful Art and craft ideas to do at home,basically to keep him involved on a rainy day and also that would be linked to what I teach him at home…

I bumped into this concept of Notebooking where in You can do simple art and craft projects in line with what u learn at home… Basically this is done by home-schooled kids . I thought “why not us ?” and this notebooking can be filed using sheet protectors and we can continue to do this as they grow up,which will definitely be a big resource for learning and a big archive of the child’s work which he and we will cherish .

Doesn’t it sound interesting ? For me Yes.. basically,Its learn through play, getting involved and when he does the craft himself with the help of me,it gets into his mind concrete.. and also we get to spend quality time as a team  🙂

Notebooking is more or less like Lapbooking… but in a different variation… M happy that I got to know about this Lapbooking through my friend J 🙂

And I straight away started with a Plant project ,which I had taught him early and grew a plant at home…

Here We go..

Project #1

Supplies required

1. Icecream stick – 1

2. creative paper  to cut flower,fruit ,leaves and root

3. Glue stick

How to do

1. Get the child to paint the icecream stick green on one side. Glue it on the paper and use it as a stem

2. Cut out flower,fruit ,leaves and root  and stick.

3. Get the child to say the functions of each part and simple facts about the plant  and let them write on a separate sheet of paper.

4. Finish, read together and reinforce and do the notebooking.

5.Keep this file accessible to the child so they can read and feel whenever they are interested to do so,which helps  🙂

And I already bought the sheet protectors and the ring file to file his work 🙂 And I intend to continue!


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