Training a young mind for a life skill ?

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I have taken the chance to do this… off late ,when I had to buy something at the seven eleven in my next block, I will lock both the doors and leave Yuvan at home letting him know that m going and will be back in 5 minutes.. it absolutely takes 5 minutes …

all the while I will come and open the door straight away… but it did struck me last week to do this… I rang the bell…( no conversation )… Yuvan tried to open the door… Then I said..wait I have to release the lock first…

Then I had to have this conversation with him

Me : Yuvan,  how can you open the door ,without asking for whom it is… ? If it is not mom or dad then ????

Yuvan : ( silence…. )… Next time i will do…

Me : Yuvan, even when u know itz mom or dad who will be coming.. u must ask “who is this ?” if it is amma or appa and u must recognise the way amma n appa call you… ” then u can try opening the door…. but i would still say u wait for appa n amma to open the door… as u know only appa n amma have the keys for the door… if its any other stranger even if they talk in the voice of appa n amma…if u don’t open the door…they can’t… so wait… till amma or appa opens the door…. safety first… “

Yuvan: Yes amma..I understand !

Yesterday… I went to 7/11 to grab the newspaper and i didn’t give the lesson of not opening the door… just let him know that m going to grab the newspaper…

I came in few minutes and listened on the door.. I could hear his Mickey mouse  over the TV very feebly and his ball bouncing sound… I rang the bell


Yuvan :  ” Is it you amma ? “

me : *** silence***

Yuvan : ” who’s this ?” ( no attempt to open the door by him)

me : Yes Yuvan! itz me amma….

Yuvan : okie … he tries to open the door… and says.. “amma u open the door first “

Me: Very good Yuvan.. and I opened the door!

Wah…. I was very happy that he could do with the instructions and he purely understood it…. But many may think it’s  a hard way of parenting ? what have you got to say ?

For the whole of Last year E was overseas most of the time… That was the time I taught Yuvan to use the cordless phone …how to dial and how to attend the call…. and he knows my mobile number and the address and he is trying to remember his dad’s 🙂 and he learned to dial and attend the calls from my mobile and also E’s…and he somehow is into numbers …. he remembers my Brother’s mobile number… in India… his vehicle number… my cousin’s vehicle number and so on…


3 thoughts on “Training a young mind for a life skill ?

    Sathiya said:
    February 1, 2010 at 10:33 AM

    First of all, is it good to lock the kids inside while we are out?

    No doubt…Yuvan is so brilliant….in Tamil Karpooram:)

    suhanya responded:
    February 1, 2010 at 10:49 AM

    i understand u’r query.. but 5 minutes .. to train him for me is okie,when I had not neglected any safety issues… m not locking him n going for hours.. rather he has the access to the wooden door n he knows to open it… the wooden door can be unlocked from inside…. but the grill s locked…

    and its not gonna be an everyday thing.. n he needs to know this.. n me having taken the risk to do it with no misses.. will not be practising it ,rather wanna train him.. got me?

    Sathiya said:
    February 1, 2010 at 2:18 PM

    Yeah, Got it:)

    BTW, Rahman has done it again!

    At the 52nd Grammy [ Images ] Awards, the musical legend Rahman bagged the Best Compilation Soundtrack for a motion picture category as well as an award for his song Jai Ho in the Best Motion Picture song.

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