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M back after two weeks… Looks like my breaks from blogging are happening more often… But Shouldn’t I be happy that atleast m back at it again…. ???

The last two weeks had been a event filled week…

First On Yuvan –

His Teacher Ms.Reana quit ..and she had been the one Big example of a teacher and a Pre-school teacher any kid should get…

Yuvan has showed tremendous improvement and I could see so many changes positively in him – academic and personal too…

Thanks Ms. Reana ūüôā ¬†And here is her with Yuvan and the pic of the cute little thing she sent along with Oreo on her last day @ school…

ms.reans n playground 001

Yuvan -august2009 046

Yuvan -august2009 049

Yuvan -august2009 050

Yuvan came an told me ” Ms. Reana say that she has to go and they will get a nice teacher and be a clever boy ” .. hmmm Wah my son has grwon up ūüôā

And so Yuvan has been promoted to K1 ahead by a term… Cos his teacher felt he is ready to go to K1 and i felt ,rather he go ahead rather accustom to tow new teachers in the span of 3 months…

He is in K1 from today itself..

He is excited and I did hand him over to his new teacher and he went to his K1 class straight away by himself….

He has started to read more 4 – 5 letter words…He has understood the concept of blending through phonetics… and he can remember and spell the words he can read…hmm.. he is showing lots¬†of improvement… and shows great signs of improvement on grwoing up as an individual… Slef shower… self dressing -partially… already he has been quite independent..but now completing the circle probably…

On personal front.. I had been through an emotional rollercoaster which i dont wanna discuss… But m up n back…at ¬†everything more ¬†+++++

This emotional roller-coaster shock has been a blessing in disguise… time to wake up… to more positive things… time to step into other’s shoes ….But i expect the same from the other side tooo….. Looks more promising now… hoping for better n the best…

I want the strong sharp dent to go away with more positive things to heal the wound….

I have lots of stuff pending to write in… esp the more important Yuvan’s PTM which happened in May… a record of sorts…

Open to me, so that I may open. 
Provide me your inspiration
So that I might see mine.


6 thoughts on “Oh yeah….

    Suhanya responded:
    September 19, 2009 at 1:52 AM

    finally my absense had made u to comment.. Wow… M not in a mood for writing nga… will write this weekend.. must start againga. thanks a ton…

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