out of the shell

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Woo hoo… Finally here m..after a pretty long break..which was quite unplanned….

First coz’ Eash had to flew in early cos of his Acute bacterial Gastro infection for which he was hospitalised in BKK.. a few other things that happened later ,which has served as an eyeopener for good sake….

Been busy with Yuvann….he really is showing signs of real growin up.. academic,independency in 90% of his activities..which equally shocks and surprises me.. in a  way m getting to terms with his growing up………..

He has joined in an art class..Called Global art international which he really loves doing it… i took for a trail class..n i let him talk to Eash abt it and let him get permission from Eash by himself..before he got enrolled.. its a weekly once class….

here’s what he did in his first class…. I liked Global Art..cos they do it methodically.. a system in place for the curriculum and the progress is also so…

yuvan n sam 013

So … things are good with him… And I have one more important thing regarding him to update which i will update once its confirmed…

Otherwise.. there are a few stuffs i learned in a short a span of time…

Getting to know The real faces of people around me.. which i think is a blessing…cos in this world u hardly get to see wat’s in them…

On the positive side, I have a friend who really is concerned about me and cares for me… M happy about that friendship a lot……..

I have been in mixed moods over a period of time… but when i really think..that’s the nature of  a normal human being ..isn’t it?

The long weekend was Quite a good one,in the front that Yuvan’s fren SAM spent two days at my place… I enjoyed and engaged them… they tow behaved such good kids… adorable..

And Yuvan  Sings the Singapore pledge ” we the citizens of singapore… ‘ thanks to the project approach class regarding Singapore the last week…

Now its high time i need to educate him about our Country Mother India… A alarm clock for me….

Woohoo… got my passport renewed for another 10 years………. *clap clap *

So still have so many drafts which are to be recorded in terms of Yuvan’s first…… I hope i Can find time n mood to do it sooner… I wish….


6 thoughts on “out of the shell

    Suhanya responded:
    August 14, 2009 at 1:00 AM

    Yes he did it.. even i was so surprised but happy for him that he enjoys doing it 🙂

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