Indian parlimentary results out!

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Has India voted sensibly this time ?????

To a certain extent true.. I would say… Cos I have always felt for my Country, Any ruling party that had completed 5 years, shd be given another term by the people by that  they could perform with full efficiency what they had started and had been implementing in the last five years… That has been my voice so far… Finally India has done it..

Dr.Manmohan Singh becomes the only second prime minister India has voted for a second term ,after completing full five years after our first PM Jawaharlal Nehru…

And the winning Congress with its allies – UPA, is sitting pretty with 256 seats out of the 543 , And the Indian national Congress itself performing well… so that it dont have do consider or go begging for few seats to form the government… SO Itz a big change.. the last 3 terms have been coalition govt..but not so good with the number of seats for the major party… Now it is.. Well done India!!!!

And the UPA is like 100+ seats ahead tof its  closest ally the NDA …SO thatz something to be noted that people willingly voted back the INC!!! Hurray….

Letz c…

But there are other reasons why I feel people have voted sensibly…

first, though the government by itself has had great results… many ministers lost… what  contrary… !!!Youth won…  So the non-performing or “not performing to their constituency” ministers have been voted out by the people…! SO it is deftly changing….and some true guts shown!

All credit to the Youth congress leader and the some of the charisma of Rajiv Gandhi,carried by Rahul Gandhi. He has seen to the campaigning,political tactics, the changes and promises  for this election for his INC… SO welcome Rahul on the big arena!

So its time the 38 year old accepts a post and starts performing right away in the cabinet.. !!!V need the some young Blood Rahul..Come on in:)lemme give a picture of this young crown prince -to be for My non-Indian readers:)


Secondly…more youth had won ! – telling sign of a change…healthy change…

and third INC has made a sensible statement that their PM candidate is Dr.Manmohan singh as announced. but their future PM is Rahul Gandhi… Wah wah..*clap*

So for the first time 4 from Nehru family will be in the cabinet..two in the ruling party two in opposing…

Sonia gandhi and Rahul gandhi… Menaka Gandhi and Varun Gandhi…  The wifes and sons of the two sons of Indira Gandhi!!!

M pretty happy with the outcome as an Indian..basically cos BJP is driven by RSS ..RSS is not good for India.. SO BJP without RSS shd do good…but they are inseparable.. so now time to think for BJP after loosing two consecutive terms!!

Anyways Well Done India…!!!! Lets get together celebrate ,rejoice and Bring about a change for us:) being a True Indian:) Democracy won!!!


3 thoughts on “Indian parlimentary results out!

    Sathiya said:
    May 18, 2009 at 6:01 PM

    Yeah, it was really sensible voting this time. People have proved in many parts of the country that they are intelligent enough to vote and also proved that any actor can’t jump in and directly win the seats easily. The sensex today rocketed up in time and they halted trading for 1 hr…..all because it’s now Congress minus Left;)

    Hope congress will execute all it’s plan without any problem and boost the Indian economy.

    Suhanya responded:
    May 18, 2009 at 7:30 PM

    true true… i read the news.. so positive to see 🙂

    Angeline said:
    May 19, 2009 at 5:18 PM

    I’m glad you are happy with the results…

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