F1 going crazy this season …….

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OMG.. I was just waiting to blog abt this.. and the final verdict has come… “Diffuser used by Brawn ,Toyota and Williams Legal “!!!

I jus can’t take it…


The formula one season started with the opening GP of the year as usual In Australia… When the final test results were seen on charts jus before the Australian GP,It was the new team Brawn (taken over from Honda due to Financial woes) ,Toyota and the Williams were clocking faster timings than Giants Ferrari ,McLaren n all other teams..by more than  minute or so .which makes a huge difference in the race…

The other  teams raised an issue that  the diffuser used by these Three teams are illegal.. meaning not complying with the regulations for the 2009 season.. as this season came up with quite a lot of changes in the rule book as it happens every year… Most important are

1. The no of wins will decide the champion and not the points

2. Cars can go fro Pit stop while the safety car is on.

3.Change in diffuser design, 

4. Must use soft n harder component tyres during a race

5. KERS system.. Pre race weights

Find out in detail here 

And then the race actually began with Friday practice..and everyone can see what the Brawn Carz n Williams n Toyota can clock.. they raised the appeal with Australian Race Control.. they sd “itz fyne..the design is legal” ..n Brawn took pole and won the race… Ditto copy paste at the Malaysian Grand Prix and then FIA international court was supposed to hear the same..yesterday.. As many of  you might know FIA is one of the strictest sports bodies..whoever it is mistake is a mistake for them.. Penalty, drive through penalty ,fines are always on the cards 🙂

Now..lemme give u an insight what this diffuser thing is : Courtesy www.f1.com

The below is the design used by Brawn GP and the text is from www.f1.com

diffuser1diffuser2Brawn have a quite different central channel to their diffuser, with the shape of the deformable structure being used to create a sort of double-decker (black arrows) design. However, the most important and controversial aspect is that to work properly this section of the diffuser needs to be fed by air. Highlighted in yellow, you can easily see the hole in the reference plane (red arrow), which actually starts far further forward than is apparent from the drawing, thanks to the small dimensions of the gearbox. The hole increases the speed of airflow as it heads towards the higher rear venturi section, where it expands and creates more downforce. Other teams are arguing that the presence of the hole is against the regulations.

So this is the issue.. and the verdict was much awaited ,cos the last two races was a big flop for the biggies Ferrari n Mclaren n the Under dogs have been out performing them…not performing better… “Out performed ” is the right word…

Now Itz become official,The diffusers used by them are ruled Legal….n My first line of this post is the verdict!

No what? all the other teams would design the same???????? most likely possible with the biggies Ferrari n Mc Laren.. they must have started their ground work as soon as this issue was out… who knows? More to come in the China GP this weekend.. I  dont expect a turn of events with these teams using differnt kinda diffusers…

But Ferrari made huge mistakes in terms of decisions, in the last two races.with Jean Todt stepping from his Technical Boss role to give way for others from this season.. so they have made many changes with the technical team to perform better in the china GP.. M keeping my fingers crossed..

Diffuser or no.whatever it takes.. I want the MEN N CAR in RED to WIN…

And Yuvan has started following  the GP’s with us this season..he’s in love with the formula one cars.. He can identify Ferrari,Mclaren,Renault nToyato on the circuit… wah..n keeps saying he likes Team McLaren… so Eash bought him McLaren  jacket from Bangkok last week..he’s in love with that.

here are the pics…


From this week..I will be writing post race reviews…. wat say ??????? from the point of view of a F1 fan… n offcourse how MY TEAM IN RED is performing… any suggestions????????


Post updation on Thursday 10.16 AM

Ferrari says “diffuser verdict mean fundamental changes in their car design “

SO uh hooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Itz officiall..Ferrari gonna make changes to its diffuser… but also satted it takes time n MOney..with the season jus started and the strength in teerms of money n technology with manpower they have..we can expect the change sooner… BRAWN .. n others ..wait..here we come…………

Read more on it in detail here 🙂


4 thoughts on “F1 going crazy this season …….

    Sathiya said:
    April 16, 2009 at 10:44 AM

    You are so much excited;) All the best for you team red…but how come McLaren jacket is also in Red? Is it your idea;)

    //any suggestions????????//
    Yaaru inga vandhu mudhal comment podaraangalo, avanga blog’a oru nooru perukku forward pannaa neenga nenacha team kandippaa jeyikkum’nu Car Sithar oruthar solli irukkaru;)

    Suhanya responded:
    April 16, 2009 at 1:20 PM

    @ Sathiya

    //Yaaru inga vandhu mudhal comment podaraangalo, avanga blog’a oru nooru perukku forward pannaa neenga nenacha team kandippaa jeyikkum’nu Car Sithar oruthar solli irukkaru;)//

    Appo everytime neenga than first a?

    //but how come McLaren jacket is also in Red? Is it your idea;)//
    Ferrari is completely RED!!!! google for ferrari.. Mclaren is a mix silver Grey/n Red..but this one for Yuvan’ size is mix of Black n red:)

    Angeline said:
    April 16, 2009 at 7:17 PM

    were you typing at super speed???!!! I can almost feel the wind in your fingers!!! *laugh* You are one crazy chick over the race aren’t you???!!

    Suhanya responded:
    April 16, 2009 at 8:40 PM

    @ Angeline :

    //were you typing at super speed???!!! I can almost feel the wind in your fingers!!!//

    Absolutely.. the next minute i saw the news on f1.com.. Here I was blogging……..

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