Thursday fragments

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Mmm .. Good news is that Eash Will be back home by tomo evening… 🙂 

Yuvan co-operated so well these few days,when Eash was overseas ,as this is the first time he’s leaving overseas , but not with Yuvan, other than India. Cos normally our India trips are such that me n Yuvan take an extra week off in its only one way we fly together..So he has enough to do in India that one week jus flies past…

But this time it was different.!!!He understood.. he was not cranky..normal ,active n he was himself ,except for th 20% of unhappiness which eh kept with himself.. but which i can make out..after all being a mom.. But well done My Boy… Hugs:)

Icing on the cake : After last week of not -concentrating,not -completing the Montessori ‘ activities.. He ‘s back to his normal self this week..completes his activity, attentive,concentrating..progressing well .-This is the feed back his form teacher gave me today n was all smiles.

Intending to celebrate n  make a simple early dinner, M making Chicken pizza with lotz of mozzarella cheese n ice cream in the wafer cone.. anyone wanna join in????



coming to me.. I have been feeling lil bad over the days without Eash around.. But i have been doing a lot of stuffs for myself …since Yuvan has decided and follows to skip his afternoon nap.. does whatever he want sheets..some TV, colouring ,racing cars , bit of fresh air in the evening..shower,eat n sleep …I’m giving a miss of his two newest activities…which m writing abt below….

So he now tucks in for the night by 9.oo..That gives me ample of time do lots n lotz of reading which i love.. Off course my favourite Fiction :), m getting back to myown ways of listening to music…which I have for no reason not been doing for almost 3 years now..jus the interest was not there..i listen to songs when it played on theTV,or whenever Eash switches on the Radio or the CD’ he is a Big Music buff!!! so getting some of my interest  back…


Yuvan has surprised us by using the laptop the mouse so perfectly… I  teach him thru .This is a very useful site for kids.. Mommies can try 🙂 he told me a few weeks back he wanted to do on his own..I taught him abt the mouse n the pointer..but he didn’t succeed that day.. suddenly last week ,he asked me.. ‘shall i do it myself ?”..I said  “yes ..u can ” and to my surprise he was using the mouse picture perfect.. perfect clicking,moving,drag n drop,matching , navigating within the site.. wah… Eash was also taken he has his everyday 1 hr on the laptop 🙂 – meaning i have one more person to share the laptop at home in the evenings… But m happy to do so *wink*

And next is …

He woke up yesterday asking me  “can u buy me water colour?”   I was so much  like why so suddenly as he is more into crayons and pencils..but then i agreed to buy him ..but he kept asking me n getting reassurance that i wd buy until he went into his school.. But then i bought him a 21 colour water colours..and now one of his activity has become painting..n he is doing it well.. LOL 

so..m looking forward for the weekend 🙂

4 thoughts on “Thursday fragments

    Sathiya said:
    April 13, 2009 at 3:32 PM

    Just sent the starfall link to my brother and brother-in-law;) Thanks for that! Hope you had a great weekend with Eash…love to see some paintings of Yuvan soon…

    Suhanya responded:
    April 13, 2009 at 5:33 PM

    hey sathiya.. thanks.. will post some stuffs on Yuvan soon:) thangalathu korikkai niraivettrapadum:)

    Angeline said:
    April 14, 2009 at 6:19 PM

    sorry! came over so late.
    So Eash is back by the time I type these down….
    So happier now? *wink*

    Suhanya responded:
    April 14, 2009 at 8:17 PM

    @ Angel :better late than never..cos u’r visits are so impt to me…Yep… He’s back 🙂 had a good weekend 🙂

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