Service?double standards or wat the heck?

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Ever since I have started encountering these issues ,I wish I had a space to write in my concerns..When I started blogging and faced it again ,I was little reluctant.. Now ..I can’t take it… Here I go…

Itz been 5 years since I came to make Singapore my second home..

And i dunnoo..whenever I have these house hold issues,I call up a Plumber/Electrician or a washing machine repair guy whether through reference or sorting it out on service websites.they have always disappointed me n has give me the feeling that I’m cheated in the daylight.

I dunn wanna say abt the long old events.. wanna list down the last two.. 

When we were in the rented house last year,The washing machine started spinning with some noise… so as per the contract, X dollar has to be borne by tenant..sometimes its followed that even if in case they had to replace a stuff due to wear and tear.. M talking abt things like  n so.. if they had given the tenant old one still can’t argue kind off stuffs..when it conks off after the “one- month” window period and when it comes to replacing the same thing,the X dollar has to been borne by the tenant and the Y-X will be borne by the owner.. Y being the cost of a brand new one… I always think  “m i going to carry a part of the new stuff when i vacate..????”Shd it be not the case when things has to be replaced cos of the wear n tear it has gone through for the years they had been used,jus before the so called “paying tenant ” moves in,that it has to be borne by the owner/landlord???

forget it..that’s not my issue now anyways… the washing machine started spinning with some noise.. through some reference at my hubby’s office we got a number..after stating clearly the brand of the washing machine n the issue, the guy sd he will send the service guy…the next day…

The next day he came..he was sure fragile n weak… i felt so bad..but he was with his tool kit n insisted to have a look n he has the experience…he tilted my washer upside down…running all the water n stuff in my kitchen,which I had cleaned n mopped jus an hour back…telling that there are coins inside n he needs to take out.. since m an instrumentation engr myself i know the basic ethics of servicing…whether or not medical it any instrument.. I was furious how come he could turn my washer upside down..then after like 30 mts..he found a coin..n then sd shd be okie…I sd “now how to chk?”  Cos , due to the upside down activity n some water in it..all the circuit boards that would have been exposed must be wet n not advisable to start on… and to my shock he tied to switch on..thanks to Singapore’s good electric lines n options tripped… n he sd ” let it dry.. n then switch on” n he wanted to leave as quickly as possii.. asking me money… not a small amount 80 dollars n then agreed for 60..but i insisted u stay until it dries off n lemme chk..he was too insistent n i had no option to pay him..but at the back my mind not a good feeling .. and al the while he was smoking the cigar that gives the stinky smell,sitting near my door grill,since I told him he can’t smoke inside …WTH… n he promised me he will come back n look if there’s any issue… but my mind sd ” my 60 dollars gonee…”

It hapenned so..after it dried..I turned on..same issue.. I called him.. after a few tries..he pick up n sd ” i dunno how to do the machine..”  I was like…” WTF ..u shd have told me before u tuched my machine..” n i was like ” then what happens to my money..??” u wd have guessed what wd have happened he cut the call n switched off  ” ..calls to the guy who sent this service man also went useless…

Then we managed to find one guy who as genuine over the service website n he did a good job..n it was another  story getting part of the money back from my owner..

And always these guys say ” since u are tenant m charging less… let the owner pay up…” what kinda attitude is this.. ???? whoever it is charge right..u are charging for u’r work  rt? that means u urself indicate that u are already following double standards… who knows u may be talking otherwise to a “owner” ns till getting the same money for the same job..

Next..I experienced the same thing as a owner yesterday..which made me to write this post out of frustration as early in the morning . as Eash is flying to BKK in an early morning flight..

I had few small issues with both my toilet..s a Small leak.. my ceiling fan not working ..water not coming from one of the tap..

found a guy who Can do all this..his advert was so professional that we called him..he turned up

he told me after checking ceiling fan..he has to open false ceiling.. its gonna cos 40 + 40 + spare part charge.. i sd no need.. cos by then i was not confident with what he was doing..of the flush..I know had to charge few of the rubber washers..BTW he insisted he needs to charge 20 per toilet..n tap needs to change 35 for the tap + 20 service charge… .I decided my toilet is urgent..let him fix it.. i pay him 30$ though i know it’s expensive…

He changed..messed up my whole house walking with wet foot.. n finally getting the money n laughing like “someone who has succeeded in cheating “ to the the other guy who accompanied him talking in Chinese.. n then he gave me warranty ..that anything in 7 days he will come back… but after he got the money..he asked me ” u owner or tenant ..” i sd”owner”  then he responded.. ” allamak … u owner..then i wd have charged more… now u call call  me i never pick  up wah..”

I felt furious….

Then after one hour in my other washroom..I started again leaking back to square one.. called him he says..“tomo i will come.. ”  I sd” what time ?”  he says ” i Will  call u lah..u stand by  at home …i was like ” I cant wait for u the whole day u see “ then he says “I call u lah..” —————- phone disconnected…

I don’t think he wd turn up… Do u ?

And this is not my experience normally..I have heard from many many Indians who are here from India… I dunno how is it with you Singaporeans these guys..

I feel like ” u think money comes from a tree n we pluck it ?? ” I have tried to translate a very famous Tamil saying.. ” panam enna marathulaya kaikuthu “

And I dunno every time these guys turn up in two,then keep talking in Chinese after talking to us..I understand one of the fellow may not know English..But, still doesn’t look like talking abt the service or repair genuinely….and u know u have the feeling and intution towards a bad and a good guy… and I always feel they  are over charging ! I feel 80/100 are non -genuine..But i do agree that 20% are very genuine.. Two extremeeee ends!

And yesterday evening ,after all the fiasco,i saw a new sticker ” 24 hour plumbing..blah blah..jus above my door bell.. ” wahhh!! -may be he would have stuck it one day before..I might have landed up with a genuine guy..n may be…

M pist off!

M not offending anyone,but this is my personal experience and let not anyone take it on the wrong side 🙂

PS: If u have reaached here..thanks for reading my long frustrations:) will post good things from tomo 🙂 *wink*


6 thoughts on “Service?double standards or wat the heck?

    Suhanya responded:
    April 13, 2009 at 5:31 PM

    @ sathiya: at times i feel like saying only one word on this stuff ” ridiculous”..but wat to do?

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