5th Wedding anniversary

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M a bit late to post this. as our wedding anniversary was on 4th April,the Saturday..

I jus can’t imagine that itz been 5 yrs since we got married.. wah… time jus flies..I feel jus like we were married jus now ….mmmm

It was a relaxing day. i cooked lunch at home.Chicken biriyani with onion raita,chicken 65 and payasam ( a sweet dish ) was the simple menu… we enjoyed eating together at home as Yuvan was the one who wanted me to make the biriyani..LOL… It was my decision to cook a anniversary meal, as always we go out n eat for birthdays  n anniversary..but from this year ,I have decided it will be home cooked meal… I love cooking anyways..n why not for special occasions a special meal.. ????cos I still remember back home in India,whenever there’z an occasion my mom cooks that extra special breakfast/lunch /dinner – all three.. still the taste lingers in me.. and now we have a great feeling eating at home n not outside…. including Yuvan..except for his Friday Dinner at Burger King 🙂

I hope to follow it:) – Infact I have been following this form last Sep,that was Eash’s Birthday… Now it will continue 🙂

Our usual practice is to go to temple… but this time couldn’t cos of two reasons.. we are forbidden to go to any temple that has climbing steps for one year in accordance to the ritual followed after eash’s granny’s passing away.. and that i was on bread for the 4 th day…so w chose not to go this time..

And we had a family dinner at Pizzahut n it was a very very relaxing meal with jus the three of us 🙂

and I Wish myself many many  happy years together with Eash n Yuvan,:) a second baby???? – still thinking to have after Yuvan turns 4.5 … cos of quite a few reasons 🙂


Eash is flying to Bangkok for 4 days from tomo.. we’ll be on our own this whole week n he’s slated to work in BKK 3 weeks n here 1 week for the next 6 months. starting Apr 20 ,mm… so we are gearing up:)


6 thoughts on “5th Wedding anniversary

    Suhanya responded:
    April 6, 2009 at 11:29 PM

    Suhanya : I was like so confused when my google pop up showed a mess from “suhanya ” on my blog… M totally surprised:) M so happy i found someone with the same spelling as mine:)
    Hope to see more of ur comments if u are dropping by regularly in my space 🙂
    Thanks for visiting n i wanna see more of u:)

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