Relationships Change – I

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Yes.. True relationships change from Good to Bad…N  Bad to Good.. for many reasons… personal..selfish…understanding..trying to come to terms…

I have seen and am feeling a very Good change though not from worse but from somewhat bad…which m solemnly happy abt…

Thatz between me and my mom… For some reasons unknown and for some reasons known ,My relationship with my mom was a roller coaster until last October… though she is all the more caring …loving n what every mom is.. But for silly reasons there used to be misunderstandings and in the end hurt on both sides… after a few days or many a  times the next day…hurt goes and love blossoms again.. But i was getting ed up of this ..

Then I went to India last November n brought her with me for a month here to Singapore…

The stay here with me made that great a change..after I got married this is the first time she has been visiting us..spending quality time with us ..she has seen me how i manage things..whats my life after marriage and how m carrying things on n so much.. and we had plenty of time to talk abt things from stars to rain n things and matter’s from A- Z.. we have made trips to temples and some shopping  , eating out ..all jus me her n Yuv other than our outings with Eash..and all these things have greatly worked out without any intention..

I see a hell a lot of positive change in her after she flew back to India.. we are having no understanding.. and no more talks abt in-laws whatsoever.she is so much more understanding.caring and loving than ever before.. itz like m re-inventing the somewhat lost relationship with my mom..And Yuvan is also attached with my mom after the quality time they spent together…

So finally I have re-invented a relationship,which i cherish most…

Off late I’m learning abt other negative true faces around us.. but that can wait for a while..:( as I will be writing on it with some other stuffs as well…:)


as of now.. m celebrating the new found rejuvenated love of my MOM n my mom feeling as a family with we 3 – ME,EASH n YUVAN


6 thoughts on “Relationships Change – I

    Sabina Vincent said:
    May 4, 2009 at 1:52 AM

    Gud! really enjoyed every bit of tis and tis is the same going b/w me and my mom too……even last week we had a small dishyum and then in a day became the best friends ever.tis happens once in a while….and even felt bad sometimes….my mom too enjoyed reading tis………….

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