Following or Habituating few good things from my kitchen :)

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Itz been a long time since I have been thinking and implementing it over a period of 4 months now, a few things, for the wellness of me n our lil family..

1. I wanted to reduce to the minimum ,the usage of oil in my day-day cooking.. 


a. Say no to deep fried items – So I have accomplished it to an extent…Like fish are always shallow fried at my home now with the usage of 1 tbsp oil for 3 – 4 pieces of fishes .. Yuvan n Eash are liking it better than the deep fried ones. – Chicken 65 is done only once in 15 days at hoem otherwise all chicken recipes are made with chicken being cooked in the gravy or semi gravy with less oil…Hurray!!!

Thanks for the shallow frying to my dear Bhony 🙂

b.use very Little oil for seasoning n sauteing – followed 🙂

c. Use of little oil for making roti’s or chappathi’s – being followed.

d.Avoid oil,if u have an option -LOL ..trying

2. Cooking the healthier way.. like making vegetable+dhal chappathi which Yuvan n Eash loves now-a-days

– Yuvan being sent with a lunch box mostly vegetarian maincourse n lil chicken or fish – As u guys know,Yuvan doesn’t like school food…n takes lunch from home 🙂 😦

3. Cook correct in measurement . Don’t waste food..which i don do often. but still trying to minimize it even more.. LOL

4. Trying to be healthier in a lot of ways 🙂

Wat say?



8 thoughts on “Following or Habituating few good things from my kitchen :)

    Suhanya responded:
    March 30, 2009 at 7:00 PM

    @ sathiya…

    Exercise i agree one shd do..i agree day to day walking in singapore itself is a good exercise 🙂 LOL..but very good if u are playing soccer/baddy..But no harm in cooking healthy…cos i donn wann all cholestrol to accumulate to trouble in the later me? so better try to cook healthy is my concept now-a-days 🙂 if u can exercise regularly with healthy cooking as u do..itz even better for a healthy living 🙂

    I myself was a deep fried fish fan..but i believe if u eat shallow fried fish u wd love it better than the deep fried one:)

    Sathiya said:
    March 31, 2009 at 10:23 AM

    Yeah, in Singapore even if you walk for a little while you will be very tired and your legs will start aching. I’m not sure whether it’s true but one of my friend said that it’s because Singapore has got more magnetic power(கந்தக பூமி)…

    Will try shallow fried fish once Vani is back. She has already started using Olive oil…

    Suhanya responded:
    March 31, 2009 at 7:27 PM

    M laughing for the magnectic power thing..but also don’t know:)

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