Yuvan’s first School Outing :)

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Today was Yuvan’s First School outing..

The school had organised to take them for the new show called “The Bear and Chicken Go Camping ” @ The Singapore Repertory Theatre..


One night, best friends Chicken and Bear go on a camping adventure in the Great Outdoors. Armed with flashlights, marshmallows and peanut butter sandwiches, they find the perfect spot under a beautiful starry sky.

Throughout the night, they make lots of amazing discoveries about the world around us, like what makes a shooting star leap across the sky. And have you ever wondered where the sun goes at night? Or how crickets can make such loud noises? Join Chicken and Bear as they learn the answers to these questions and more!

Bear and Chicken Go Camping is the second part of a highly successful original series that began with When I Grow Up. You’ll fall in love all over again with Bear and his special blue blanket, and Chicken who is one super brainy bird!

As Said in my previous post..Yuvan was to go alone with his great Teacher Ms.Reana,along with other kids..

The reporting time was 8.40..we were there after a little struggle of getting him to eat Breakfast – heavy at home..LOL.. But ended up with his usual mug of milk.. and somehow made him to eat a slice of bread with jam on the way from home to school.. 

Then we reached the reporting area..Ms.Reana n as was his frens were waiting for him.. got his name tag pinned,attendance given, He was paired with his good friend Eleanor.. Ms.Reana had to take care of 4 kids in all inclusive of Yuvan who were not accompanied by the parents . 

Then the bus came.. in total 4 ,2 – 25 seater n 2 -70 seater …Yuvan n Eleanor were discipline personified..Holding hands n with Ms.Reana.. They waved Good-bye and boarded the bus.. after they were seated n Ms.Reana checking with their seat belts..me N Eleanor’s Mummy jumped into the bus to wave them good bye n some final Instructions.. LOL ‘ No running..” 

Off they went … 

First time, I was not so nervous sending Yuvan alone.meaning without me or Eash with him… LOL.. i think both me n Yuvan  are Growing up. LOL…

So , he came back at 11.45.. jus in time.. I was waiting to pick him up.. 

And Yuvan was so happy n Ms. Reana handed him over to me n when I  asked her “was he ok ?” then she sd ” No pbm at all..he enjoyed the show and he was a very good Boy.. ” she was all smiles as well.. M happy for Yuvan…

He is trying to tell me the story…which he had seen.more outing stories to hear from him ..

That wd be later 🙂


7 thoughts on “Yuvan’s first School Outing :)

    Angeline said:
    March 13, 2009 at 6:31 PM

    the anxiety of a mother…. understandable…
    I guess I’m a weird mom, cos’ that has never happened to me…. or you can say I trust the heavens too much, cos’ I know my boys are in GOOD HANDS….

    Suhanya responded:
    March 13, 2009 at 7:13 PM

    @ angeline : hmmm…. understood:)

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