What the hell? – Terror strikes Cricket!

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M jus watching live pictures on CNN,on the attack of Srilankan cricket team by  masked gunmen in Pakistan.. read abt it on yahoo here

So ridiculous…. I was so fuming after the Mumbai blasts ,now in Pakistan on Srilankan cricket team..

The attack happened on the bus transporting the players to the Gadaffi stadium.. and the attack happened jus 15 mts away from the stadium,… ard 12 gunmen opened fire n all of them very heavily armed..n all at large now.. What a Shame!

Not a great sporting scene.. 6 players injured, 2 in hospital..Srilankan team air lifted to Dubai!!!!!!!

Itz so disheartening to see copter in the middle of the cricket field ,evacuating the players out to another country!!! But atleast that reaction for quick!

As many of u know,Cricket is followed As a religion in the Indian subcontinent ,Srilanka and Pakistan.. Pakistan has not hosted a home -series in the last 14 months… and India was supposed to tour Pakistan..But pulled out after the attacks in Mumbai 26/11.. Pakistan invited Srilanka.. n this happened…

I Don’t see any logical reason the Srilankan govt allowing their cricket team to tour Pak in the last minute,when India pulled out of the one-off series with Pak after the Mumbai terror attacks ..It was Pak who invited Srilanka after India pulled out! They wanted to prove a point to the world that they are a safe place,after Aus n India pulled out!!! But why? why? did Srilankan team wanted to be that Good Sporting  boys to play under so much security threat in Pak? 

A lucky escape…for the Srilankan team.. But itz not good for the Sporting scene in the subcontinental region..and this attack will not impact only the sports..but also political n diplomatic… in the region.. Now the whole world gets to know more clearly why after the Mumbai attacks India pointed finger on Pakistan, this time more seriously with more solid proofs and what not…? And finally they accepted it partially n the Blame – game is still on..!!!I dunn wanna get more political here… 

I am more happy that all Srilankan players are safe,though there are reports that Samaraweera is seriously injured….Coz I am an Indian too,

for whom Cricket is a religion as well and cricket jus runs in the blood of everyone in the region 🙂


Post updation :

Pak   hints at Indian involvement… in the attack on Srilankan Cricket  team 😦 

Do I have to comment more? What the hell..Cleanup Urself first my dear neighbour and stop the blame game..rather act to stop!




6 thoughts on “What the hell? – Terror strikes Cricket!

    Angeline said:
    March 6, 2009 at 12:23 AM

    ya… its saddening

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