Will expectation turn into reality ??? – Jai Ho!!!!!!!!!!!

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All the buzz is abt the Great AR Rahman..the great Music director,Singer ..n our own Indian.. n m so proud to say he hails from the state where I belong,though he is truly an Indian n everybody celebrate ARR n his music ..He is world renowned for his work n humbleness.. U can’t see such a humble pie with so much knowledge n music oozing out of him..A rare combo…he has made India n every Indian proud by winning the Golden Globe for “Best original score ” for the most critically acclaimed , ” Slum Dog Millionaire”…


And now he has three nominations for himself at the Oscars. ..n the movie in total has bagged 10 nominations..Though previously Indians, 1. Bhanu had won an Oscar for her costume design for Richard Attenborough’s Gandhi, and The Great Satyajit Ray been awarded life time achievement.. This nomination for ARR has hit hard everyone so positively…Jai Ho!!!!!!!!!

take me for an Example.. I feel he belongs to our genre.. I have grown up listening to his music.. rt from his first movie “Roja”  for which he won the National award.. After Which Rahman has gone places n his journey with the music n he has given us a plenty to enjoy , realise n relate with his music..

Itz like ,he has 17 years in the industry n m 27 now.. so u can relate how easily he is with the lives of us..

I jus can’t wait to see him win BIG at the Oscars..something  the whole of India is gonna rejoice n celebrate n offcourse me…

He is worth to make an expectation into a Reality!!!!!!! Keeping my fingers crossed:)

If u really wanna feel a glimpse of what ARR is for us.. listen to this song for which he had won the Golden Globe:)

the following link doesn’t have original video.. but listen to the track….Thatz what i want u guys to do..  So… feel it:)

The oscar is live in 07.29 minutes… Oh my GOD 🙂 I want to hear it for ARRahman  at the Oscars..Wish Him.. Won’t u?


2 thoughts on “Will expectation turn into reality ??? – Jai Ho!!!!!!!!!!!

    Angeline said:
    February 23, 2009 at 10:15 AM

    hey girl, did you know I created a weekly meme for songs?
    Its on EVERY SUNDAY.
    though you posted this on monday, (I’ll close one eye) you can put your link on my Song Sharing Sunday meme post for yesterday.
    hop over to my personal blog and put the URL OF THIS POST there, so that more people can get to listen. *wink*
    and if you want, you can play it on every Sunday. *smile*

    Suhanya responded:
    February 23, 2009 at 10:21 AM

    LOL..will do it 🙂 i KNow abt this song sharing sunday 🙂 but i was reluctant that most of song selctions won’t be english 🙂

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