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Transitions sometimes are positive and sometime negative.. I have experienced both in my life…But very true, negative transitions have left  long lasting wounds in my heart… taught me few important lessons in life…

Transitions soemtimes brings stress n joy togther with my transition in to being a MOM…

But transitions and their impacts differ from person to person..

The positive transitions are my everyday secrets packets of energy that keep me going..

As of now itz more positive everyday moments to enjoy transitions from Yuvan..

There were times when i used to be behind him every other meal time feeding him..n he wd take his own sweet time for no reason , that too when i wd be bloody hungry waiting to grab my plate.

But now for the past 1 month or so..he’s eating every single meal on his own ,sharing the same  dining chair with us at the t table..rather than his high chair…and more importantly finishes the food though a lil later than us ( Most of the times..i urge him to finish fast..Eash waits at the table for him to finish – soemtimes i get impatient ,though he is very much to the pace..),enjoys eating his food n that too by himself… Asks if he wants more n says “enuf’ if he’s done..

There were times,when i was so stressed of him not picking up words.. but now he is non-stop talking,conversing  meaningfully… like in my last post 🙂

There were times when i need to tuck him to bed.. now if  he wants to sleep,he says..“good night amma.. shall  I  go to sleep..?” n either grabs a book or jus goes..switches on the fan/ac..tucks in himself ,calls out from the bedroom..“amma..” ..then i go…“he says..”good night..”..then i too say ‘good u..”  Then he retorts back “I love u soooooooo much “

It was so much so the last one year,he needs to grab my elbow so hard until he sleeps well.. n i could not turn left or right..but now this past one month..after so much talking to him n his habit of sleeping

by himself ,has made him to say “no kai “(- meaning no hands in tamil ) whenever he gets reminded to hold my elbow..:)

He has come to a  stage of reading two nos together like ” 2 – 7 ” twenty seven , “8 -8 ” eighty eight n so on..

These are my everyday packets of joy n energy that keeps me going..a few to mention..

My Negative transitions..can wait for some other time i believe…

Happy weekend Guyzzzzz:)))


One thought on “Transitions

    Angeline said:
    February 7, 2009 at 5:10 PM

    stay focus on all these good positive transitions and there would be NO ROOM for the bad ones. *wink*

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