Federer Cries …

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Wat an emotional sight to see my favourite player cry at the Australian Open finals awards ceremony overwhelmed with emotions..but not for good reasons…

He lost a epic final… in 5 sets..but there were glimpses which told Nadal was getting better of him …When he took the podium , as always he was the crowd’s favourite and there was a big round off applause and then he said ‘hi Guys “..then as the applause’s drained down..

somebody in the crowd  sd ” I love u Federer.. ”    (Mind u! male voice..).. and the emotions took control of him….and he was sobbing..sobbing ..n this is something rare to see of Roger to get emotional …

My all time fav is Pete Sampras n then now Itz Federer… yesterday, if he had won the AO Singles ,he would have surpassed the Great Pete who has ( n Federer has equalled it) the msot number of Grand Slams by a male tennis player… I believe the emotions took over him ,may be ‘cos of that..or he felt the sense of  “I have not lived up to the expectations “ when he  heard that strong  ” I love u federer “ from the crowd even after he lost… or  the feeling of guilt ( is it too big a word to use??? ) that this last 1.5 years which had always seen these two in most of the major finals  n Nadal outclassing him in more than a few occasions.. ??????????

I shd say Nadal has come from being treated as  ‘best on clay ” to best bet to Federer ”

But.. Federer ..still more years to go..and there will be times when u will be holding the winner’s trophies again and again beating the same Nadal.. 

U are already one of the greatest Champions ever , and Pete had sd he sees u as the one who could surpass his record of 13 Slams.. and here u are ready to conquer u’r 14th.. n u will!!!!!!!!!

As a die hard Roger fan..as many say.. ” I Love Federer.. and I H***  NADAL ”

Come on… Roger.. u can do it.. We’ll see u soon as a Winner !


2 thoughts on “Federer Cries …

    Angeline said:
    February 2, 2009 at 10:42 AM

    oh my! I could hardly keep up with your layouts! *laugh*
    its like a surprise at every visit!

    Suhanya responded:
    February 2, 2009 at 1:20 PM

    LOL.. even i can’t keep track..Still this is not my final one *laugh *…m not toally satisfied.. *wink*

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