Yuvan is growing up!

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Itz been quite some time since I wrote abt Yuvan.. His progress…

Itz been one month since he started his Montessori.. Initially I was worried how he could cope  up..But he did well though… as usual I had the initial

complaints n so n so.. He is now more into sentences in English.. Itz like he can converse in both the languages so fluently… for he started with words

when he was 2+ and now he is 3 …so m happy abt it…in a way relaxed too..

But sometimes he reads the nos on the buses from right to left rather than left to right.. keeping a watch over it..any suggestions?

he is enjoying school..in his class of 6 with Ms.Reana.He is the only boy..The other explorer class has one more boy..two lucky chaps.. Yuvan is in a mixed

class enviro with one Pakistani,2 Filipino n rest Chinese n he is frens with all.. why not??? all pretty lil girlz……… M so happy that he gets to mix with all …

I want him to be like that 🙂

he enjoyed the CNY celeb at school a lot… m getting to see his progress n follow up with weekly diary update from his form teacher n getting to talk to her

when she particularly wants to convey me  something or vice versa..

Yuvan is becoming so much so social as usual.

he is missing my mom a  lot.. I shd say frankly in all his 3 yeas this one  month he has spent quality time with my mom ..n since we had been going out together..

eating together..chit chatting ..learning with granny,playing..and she has been doing all the spl cooking for him..Yuvan jus loved that all extra attention.. Itz even

now..even today it happened he was calling my mom to bring him ice cream..ammuchii..ammuchhi… Icecream…. then i got so shocked..

i sd Yuvan ..Ammuchi ( thatz how v call for granny-mum’s side) has gone back to India rt..?then he gave me that nodding n blur blur reaction n sd.. okay..”

n went to pick his book..totally forgetting

the ice cream episode..Thad’s how kids are…:) He calls our second bedroom as  “ammuchi’s room “ now…mmmm..

He told once to me n eash when we were discussing something in the bedroom.. appa.. don’t shout.. ( v were simply talking) yuvan sleeping ,tomo school..I was

taken aback…

So the adventures with the lil tadpole continues every day..

he loves tracing letters n numbers..doing worksheets on math ..n loves stories.. does understand the sequencing n so..

every morning he says amma..lemme do writing..u do cooking..

Yuvan is growing up 🙂


2 thoughts on “Yuvan is growing up!

    Angeline said:
    February 1, 2009 at 11:04 AM

    Ooooo… I understand you joy! I love to see my boys mix around with all sorts of people too, young and old, irregardless of race…*smile*

    Very soon, you 2 will be chatting about everything under the sun! *laugh*

    How sad…. « SuheeZ BrainWaves said:
    February 26, 2009 at 12:19 AM

    […] Already this is my 110th post… meaning i passed 100 posts.. Coincidentally.when i cross verified..My 100 th post has been On Yuvan .. Yuvan Growing up !! […]

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