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that m back to my bloggin ways.. Mom flew last friday to India.. missing her a lot.. i truly had  a break..a good vacation for me too.. in Singapore n we had been to Bintan for a weekend as i had mentioned in my last post.. but m foregoing my word that i wd write abt Bintan n Marina Barrage in the next post.. as i have so much so post.. *laugh *

Itz that me n Eash had lotz of  “our time ” ,as well to be frank a family time with not so much frens always around… the  Bintan trip  jus so fantastic that it was v 3 ,my mom n a close couple fren of ours.. so much relaxing it was.. I can say a truly relaxing two ways it was… A vacation that was truly for us…

Itz Republic Day for my Mother India tomo.. Wish all Indianz a happy republic day..lets strive to make India safer :)Thatz the need of the hour..after seeing so much so in these last two months…

And not to forget.. a Spl CNY wishes to all my chinese Fellow bloggers n frenz n  to my dear Angeline..who has so many firsts in connection with my blog

* First to comment in my blog

*First bloggin fren n wat not?

Gong Xi Fa Cai ..!!!!!

Yesterday v had frens at home for dinner..n it was fun.. and M so much feeling bad abt one of Eash’s fren who is also known to me personally lost her son jus two days after her baby shower.. n v knew it almost after 10 months now.. she was not online n i used to think that she must be so much so busy with two kids n v are not online at the same time as they live in the States..n finally Eash had sent an email to chk her on..n she sent this bombed we we are in tuch…

And one of our very good frens who was living here until last year n moved to UK lost their baby after she carried the angel into 7 months.. he is like a brother figure to me.. oops..two news in jus overnight’s time.. jus can’t take it 😦

Day after tomo will be Dad’s 11 th death anniversary.. v do the rituals according to the star.. these few days I’m occupied with so much so old memories.. I know he is watching us … mmm..10 years jus flew by n it happens so much so that it happened jus now…

So from today i will be blogging as before keep visiitng me.. n i will be there in your bloggin homes to chk u guys out:)

Happy Weekend  ( to ppl in Singapore) n  a great week ahead for others.. N I Wish all Indians a Happy republic day 🙂


2 thoughts on “So Much so

    bhony said:
    January 28, 2009 at 2:48 PM

    Hey Suhanya..I cud feel the sensation of urs…Feeling Bad abt the kids..cudn’t tk it either…My prayers for the lil souls..

    Angeline said:
    January 28, 2009 at 4:56 PM

    thank you girl for the wish…

    but this post makes my heart sores.
    these are terrible news
    *big hugs*

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