wat to say?

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Wat to say? ” I have been terribly busy ” ” i have been out ” “busy with something or the other..”

Yes to all..but lemme explain…It wd look that I wasn’t busy at all.. My mom is here..she does all the cooking.. yummiculous variety food everyday.. cleans spends time with Yuvan ..makes him eat..at times teaches him .. so what else m i doing to be busy..that I have not been blogging? seriously..i dunno…

V have been going out showing my mom places..thats true..she’s enjoying it… m having some quality time with my mom..Yuvan started saying that he doesn’t want grandma to go to India adn wants to stay back with us.. even I feel so… but m being too jealous i know,with my Bro back in India.. letz see how things work out in the future…

Okie… Yuvan is doing well at the Montessori..he’s already started doing writing strokes on all numbers both with pencil and the “two lil fingers ” and some alphabets. m quite happy.. showing interest in understanding and interacting on the stories when i read for him.. itz been one week into school and he likes his teacher n school .. he calls her “Miss .Reana ” ..I liked her too :),the way she is ..

And we had been to two places with mom which I fell in love instantly.. Marina Barrage – thanks Angel ..for posting it in your blog.. and i told Eash abt it when we were in India ,(that was the time u posted it ) and we went one week back..I jus feel in love with it..more on it specially in my post..

Next for the lat weekend we had been to Bintan.. wow.. wat a feelingggggggg… so next post wd be on Bintan n Marina barrage…

haven’t been visiting commenting on your blogs..but m reading it. will b back soon.. will try to do it everyday……

And Dear Angel has given me 3 beautiful awards in one go.. will post a lil later Forgive me Dear 🙂 But Thanks a ton:)

Wishing u all a great week ahead!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “wat to say?

    Sathiya said:
    January 14, 2009 at 11:20 AM

    You can try Star Cruise as well with your mom if you haven’t tried it already….it will be really fun!

    Suhanya responded:
    January 14, 2009 at 4:28 PM

    We are planning may be next..now running short of time 🙂 cos she can’t extend her one month leave cos ahe need to get back to work…..mmm..Anyways we are planinng for a family trip on cruise we 3 only..lets see..but not now….may be end of the year..lets see 🙂

    Angeline said:
    January 14, 2009 at 6:33 PM

    Yeah!!!! I’m glad you like my recommendation *laugh* Marina Barrage is just so magical isn’t it?!!1

    Busy like a bee eh… and having fun at the same time… *wink* Good for you….

    Missed your comments though…

    As for the awards, Awww…. I just had to shove them into your hands. *laugh*

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