What a week???????

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Sorry guys.. i wasn’t updating cos the whole week..cos i was without laptop.. can u imagine??

yeah..it was all fyne until Monday noon..when Yuvan closed the laptop soon after i sd after clicking the shut down button”Yuvan don’t close” but the moment i sd,before i realised he closed it so aggressively that there was speaker pin that hit the LCD screen and there was a major damage.. man..i felt like hell.. i knew that the LCD needs to be changed that moment only.. after Yuvan got his share. Eash called up to find that My Laptop is till under the 3 year warranty period,but LCD will not be covered.. but i went to the service centre personally told them Wat happened n requested for a free replacement.. they sd they will try..after two days they called up n sd “cannot do” but gave a 50% price reduction that was still 750 $ + GST..:((((((((plus a free HDD replacement , as they found t some pbm with the HDD but they cd  do it under warranty.so what to do? v agreed.. i was to collect the laptop today..

and today morning the Engr called me to say ” hey got a good news for u.. lenovo agreed for a free replacement..” wow.. i told him “u made my day ” Thanks Zull n Rina!!!!!

so here m jus with windows Xp n … blogging…

Now. v are shifting to our new home this sunday..almost 95% packing and clearing done..got some more to buy from Ikea tomo.. but will be using this home till 29th simultaneously cos of traditional reasons… Yuvis down with heavy cold from todaynoon.. all cos he was helping me withall the packing with Eash buys at off 🙂

Btw.. I wish all of u Happy Deepavali… let the lightz bring u a year of more prosperity n wisdom n all good things in life:)

Missing home ..for Diwali..as all the last 3 years we had been to India for Diwali..this is my Second diwali in Singapore,first for Yuvan.. will post soon with more pics n updates… i have lots to say:) but i ‘m sure i wd be posing again only on wednesday:) if early then lets see..:)

Wish me luck n prosperity ..won’t u?


4 thoughts on “What a week???????

    Angeline said:
    October 25, 2008 at 1:44 AM

    sure! Lots of luck AND prosperity be with you….

    FREE replacement!!! that’s like money dropping down from the sky! Wow!

    Suhanya responded:
    October 25, 2008 at 1:49 AM

    True true… Yeah save 1500 dollar actual price..worst case 750 with gst,,. Thanks for the wishes 🙂

    Melissa said:
    October 25, 2008 at 3:53 AM

    I miss Diwali as well, I lived in British Columbia where a lot of people celebrated it in my area. Now I am in Utah where there are very few people from India.

    Suhanya responded:
    October 25, 2008 at 5:34 PM

    Thanks MElissa for stopping by.. hope to see u again”)

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