Diwali Nostalgia

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Is in me ever since i moved to Singapore…This will b my second diwali in Singapore after 3 consecutive Diwali’s spent in India..

What i love abt MY Diwali.. absolutely shopping… When i was in India..every time i shop atleast three weeks before diwali for my gorgeous salwars to get it tailored in time.. also..3 weeks before u will get to see almost all new arrivals,with not a thick crowd looming at… the sales guys also have time to Show u all varieties..firstly they can find their own products in their respective shelfs.. otherwise as Diwali nears by.there will be mad rush… Oh My god:)..so take my tip for Diwali shopping:)

When it comes to crackers..I was never a girl who wanted to burst so many crackers.. But my brother was so interested until he was abt 13yrs.. Then v realised that bursting crackers is fun..but ultimately it all goes into smoke and so many children being laboured in those cracker factories in India.. so v slowly reduced the quantity but not stopped it… then v started to bargain(literally i mean it) with our dad..”since v are not buying so many crackers replace the same amt of money he sets aside for crackers for something useful everytime ” When  my father was with us ,we used to get up as early as 3 am..take oil bath..new dress n burst crackers like anything.. and not to forget the steaming hot idli’s with chicken curry prepared by mom as early as 8 am… mouth watering..

After my dad passed away 9 years back…our Diwali’z became more subdued..though v take new dress,the cooking is special.sahrign sweets..everythign happnes as when my dad was there..but something may be the soul was missing:( I make it a point  my mom buys everytime a new dress.. when i started earning..i buy an extra set for both my mom n brother..and then crackers became us a ritual..like jus for the sake..v burst one or two..then done.. somehow the feel started missing…

My Mom stopped making sweets at home except for the savouries after my dad passed away rather v buy it outside so that v share with neighbours n frens…

Then i got married n with Eash ard..the diwali fervor was a lil back.n then v started flying back to India for every Diwali..n this brought so much happiness at home.though there was a lil something that was missing.. Then came Yuvan to this world..and from ast year he literally enjoys crackers..all kids stuff.. the happiness is back… My mom is happy… but still feels a bit odd this time since we are not there.. anyway Yuvan’s crackers are stocked up so v go and burst it the following week..:)

One Diwali i remember very much was when i was abt 7 yrs old, v were all at my granny’s place.. My uncle was not married then…v all woke upa t 3 am..My granny gave me the pipping hot oil bath with the hot water specially heated up.n then a small pooja..new dress. n all fun with crackers.. sweets..n then yummmy food.. meeting up cousins..playing all day..:0One of the Diwali’s thatz ever green in me:)

Happy Diwali!


4 thoughts on “Diwali Nostalgia

    Sathiya said:
    October 28, 2008 at 4:45 PM

    Happy Deepavali to you and your family Suhanya! Hope you are having a nice time here.

    This is my 3rd diwali in Singapore. It’s very boring here…..I miss those cracker sound which will start one month before Diwali in India…..if we don’t have the Sun TV or Vijay TV, we won’t even get a feel of Diwali here.

    But this time we had a nice time for Diwali. Visited one of my friends house and celebrated Diwali together with them. It was fun.

    Angeline said:
    October 28, 2008 at 7:36 PM

    Suhanya, Happy Deepavali!
    I realised for most of us, the best times are still the times when we are still little girls…

    Vani said:
    October 31, 2008 at 10:53 AM

    Hey dear happy diwali:) interesting to read…. I too miss my diwali at my mother’s place… too much of fun there:(

    Anyway howz your shifting?

    Bhony said:
    November 3, 2008 at 4:08 PM

    Hey..I was in India during Diwali..nice time…you know, I had fun with crackers this time..i’m too scared of crackers during my childhood..that i only used to play with safe crackers…but this time, i tried atom bomb and saravedi…potu thakiten… my cousins took video of those incidents and damaged my image 🙂 he he he…

    I guess u were brave enough during ur childhood days.. 🙂

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