A Sprain n the stress:(

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Yuvan was very normal yesterday until at ard 9pm he came n told me and Eash that his left leg is paining..then he was ok..playing..then the frequency of complaints increased..i sensed something wrong ..and inspected his leg..he was feeling lot of pain near the thighs..that he didnt allow me to tuch..first thing that stuck me was “an urinary infection..???””checked it..But no.. ‘cos he has had same kind of pain n symptoms n then turned out to be an urinary infection when he was abt 1.5 yrs… Then i gave his night shower as a hot one..and then applied the balm..expected to be alrt..but he was crying all thru the night.. a lil patting..a few minutes sleep n then cry.ooppz..itz long since i Saw him like that…I hate to see kids like that..in so much pain n suffering..poor ones..:(

Morning he was so enthusiastic to go to school.he was even quick for the shower..but then i noticed it has become worse.. he couldn’t lift his leg to put his trouser On.. i spoke to the teacher,told her that Yuvan will not be coming in today.Called Yuvan’s paed to take an appointment immediately..But Gosh..His pead was on leave till next Friday.. so I didn’t have a choice rather to take him to the family clinic nearby where me n Eash Go..

Luckily the Doctor today was good..he checked Yuvan..made him lie flat and then bent his legs..asked him to lift up..n then he sd “very cute..he’s active n smiling even with the pain…”I know he has no more energy to cry..:() Then he gave me a balm n children’s brufen as a pain killer n dropped a bomb “ i think it may b a sprain or he got hit in his hips.. if he doesn’t improve lets go for an X-ray on Monday “ I was so upset.. He told me then ” may be an inflammation also..let him take rest..lets see on Monday how it is..” SIgh!!!

Came back home n applied the balm twice.. it was already 30 mts since i applied.. no effect watsoever.. he was whining n was clinging to me crying  ” Amma..pain pain ” even  when he does a small move..Then i applied one of the pain relief balms i always keep at home ..the one for sports injuries..normal sprain.. he felt much better after two applications.. made him a quick lunch.. he hadn’t eaten anything from last night except a cup of milk in the morning. he had his lunch n then the brufen syrup..and i could see he was bloody tired n weak..he told me he wants to sleep.. he slept for abt 3hrs..

Thank God ..he is better now.. little limping is there..but much much better than morning..no pain pain crying..whining..he is almost his normal self..can even fold his legs n sit on the floor.. i hope he is alrt by tomo evening;)

I was so much stressed and worried..though something in me sd that he will be alrt… I cant see him like that 😦

very funny..I asked him ” how are u now ?” he sd ” Better..”i went ooooooooooooooooooo

Update at Noon 1.50 pm

Yuvan is normal..no limping.. back to jumping,cycling and wat not?

I keep telling him not to strain again..but he seems not to hear my words 😦


14 thoughts on “A Sprain n the stress:(

    Suhanya responded:
    October 13, 2008 at 6:32 PM

    Hey Sathiya..i agree.. i think u missed the point where i had written Yuvan’s pead is not in town till next Friday…we go to Dr. Vellaippan..referred as Dr.Vella.. one of the best(n expensive tooo ) in Singapore at the SIngapore Baby n child Clinic..a private children’z clinic.. I m so happy wih him.. he jus dont even has to tuch n see..with a look at the problem he can suggest medicines n a very very Good doc :)Since he was not in town i went to the family clinic…rather going to anyother paed’s there in the clinic..There’s onemore pead at the Orchard called Dr.SHiva..he is also very good:)

    Angeline said:
    October 14, 2008 at 4:03 PM

    *hugs* oh dear! if after 3 days still no improvement please go back to the same or different doctor for 2nd opinion…

    Suhanya responded:
    October 14, 2008 at 5:14 PM

    Hey Angel..he is normla now.. no sprain 🙂 back to normal self fromsunday itself:) Thanks dear:)

    Vani said:
    October 15, 2008 at 9:10 PM

    Hope Yuvan got completely recovered!

    Come and pick up an award from my blog:)

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