What a boring Day…

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Today turned out to be a total boring day.. as Eash had to play for SCB super sixes cricket game… I had a very disturbed sleep yesterday..still woke up at ard 7.15 am to send Eash off for his cricket match at 8. Thought of catching some sleep..but believe me i didnt want to sleep though i was bloody tired.. was jus blog hopping.. Yuvan woke up n then my day started as usual… on top of it..Yuvan spilled emptied all the water from the bottle and playing happily… had to clean it..after telling him that this he was not supposed to do it.. Also pulled my Kitchen rack (plastic) down trying to take his scooter off for his bicycle ride..and took me a while to clear n arrange… anyway thanks to Yuvan..i wanted to clear it n start packing anyways …I have been thinking to start packing to move to our own home by this month end.. so that i can do a very organised packing ..Throw whatever is not necessary n unusable…

Coming back… Cooked lunch n had some small fights with Yuvan. v both had lunch n then Yuvan went to sleep…

Luckily i had rented a VCD today morning… after a long time I had a mood to watch a movie with out being pre-occupied.., I tried to concentrate on the movie.. By the time i started to watch the movie,Yuvan also went off to sleep n I enjoyed  tried to enjoy myself with the movie ..though it was not a great movie..something relaxing for me ….Yuvan slept for an hour then woke up..had juice..n then i made him sleep for another 1.30 hrs.. I tried to sleep as well..but was very conscious though I was resting.. Eash Came back home ard 5pm with the Runners up Cup… Congrats to him !!!!!

He is so damn tired n off to sleep after a early dinner… now it 9.00 pm.. Eash sleeping.. Me n yuvan enjoying watching a Dance Show… no mood to have dinner.. Yuvan’s Dinner is ready… mm… m pretty preoccupied ….

May b i will start packing today ? clearing some stuffs ?? Dunno….

Signing off 9.05 pm… (Angeline style)


One thought on “What a boring Day…

    Angeline said:
    October 5, 2008 at 10:36 AM

    I love packing…but when it comes to unpacking…ohhh that puts me off…cos its so hard sometimes to rearrange familiar things at an unfamiliar place….

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