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M jus back from dinner @ Burger King… as Eash is out there at the Circuit..,I was thinking what to cook for dinner..

I asked Yuvan.. ” what do u like to have..?”

he immediately answered me ” lets go..burger “

Then i sd ‘”k fyne..” so no cooking..

V had mine n Yuvan’s fav .tendergrill meal.. Yuvan enjoyed it follwed by a  short walk home eating hot fudge at the McD’s .. very relaxing..absolutely i enjoyed every bit of it with Yuvan!!!!

Off to Formula  One.. Fernando Alonso tops third practice again ahead of Hamilton n Massa.. meaning also McLaren is ahead of Ferrari. worry for me ..as m a die hard Ferrari fan.. Jubilant Eash as he is fan of Alonso.. Lemme see who takes the pole today… Literally at the Singapore GP today experts have predicted..”who takes pole wins the race ” as in any other street circuit …like Monaco….SO qualifying is gonna be nail biting.and I want Ferrari to take pole… already Kimi ha some technical difficulties in the Third practice, Fishecella crashed…so lotssssss happening.. Will Ferrari take the pole ?????????????????????????????????

Very latest news : courtesy Star Sports : “Lotz of Drivers complaining on the high curbs /curves… Track very bumpy…”

But still the experts say “Itz the first ever race on this new circuit…so can expect a few negative things like this..as there’s always a room for improvement.. but a race organised to the well known Singapore efficiency”

So…qualifying already started at the flood lights.. Amazing it looks..watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!

First ever Race under flood lights gets underway..with the official timings that’s gonna be clocked most matters…thatz the qualifying..”


One thought on “Random thoughtzzz…:)

    Angeline said:
    September 27, 2008 at 10:29 PM

    ya…agree with the drivers comments…

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