Friday Practice @ Singapore GP

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Well.. I wasn’t there..watched on TV..The circuit looks awesome..breath taking and what not…. a true F1 fan’s delight!!!!

Eash Enjoyed it from the i had written yesterday (see yesterday’s post)…He got very very great pics..i loved a lot of his shots..every one good shot can be termed as “magazine shot”..he was so excited that he told me that itz his best ever formula one photo shoot…

But on the other side,otherwise from a good viewing point from a grandstand,the rest of the circuit’s open gallery are not viewer nor photographer ‘s choice…cos of the high raised thick grills…

“The soul of  racing was missed..thanks to the thick grills,,, agreed that itz a safety concern ,something wd have been done inclusive of the safety for the direct viewers to get the actual feel of racing…”

———this has been the many of our frens (who are also photographers by passion ) ardent F1 fans reaction..One is the space constraint as itz a street circuit unlike a dedicated circuit,which may not have left much arrangements to be made for more comfort viewing for the direct viewing paying public…

But still the race for the F1, Singapore a huge success and for the Fans are a great treat..

And on the very positive note,Its is a totally totally organised event..the directions for the public ,the transportation services,food options (though itz ultra expected in any circuit around the world),safety ,the volunteers trained perfect..the cops as usual friendly as well knows what the public can do n cannot do… This is what My  hubby was so so happy about..Truly it has been a very well organised picture perfect setting!!! Well done Singapore….:)

For Eash was great day of photography and being one of the millions to watch the first ever night race,Thanks to the Grandstand ticket and The well organised race by Singapore!!! Uniquely Singapore!!!!

But may be the coming years v may have to do a lil extra to give the paying public to give the soulful feeling of the race!

So today is Qualifying… Rain n thunderstorm expected.. so anything can happen.. MY bet for pole Massa ,Hamilton or Vettel- the next Schumi? or is it gonna b Alonso..???? Keeping my fingers crossed!!

Take a look at few of the Friday practice shots by By husband.. Photos copyright by Moorthy.

 First ever night race Uniquely @ Singapore

The Gallery in the back drop of the flyer 🙂 i liked this pic soo much:)

Happennings @ the pit garage:)


One of the official videographers high above in a crane:)



2 thoughts on “Friday Practice @ Singapore GP

    Angeline said:
    September 27, 2008 at 4:39 PM

    excellent shots!
    My boys and I enjoyed it too!
    but I hope the management would do something to ‘that’ part of the track where so many of the racers have gone the ‘wrong’ way because it was so misleading…you know which part I am talking about, right?

    Suhanya responded:
    September 27, 2008 at 4:44 PM

    Yeah yeah true… SO quick..i jus posted ,went back made a correction to my previous i see u’r comment:)
    will post more on Today’s qualifying tomo!
    Have a great “racing” weekend!

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