First feel at Singapore GP – F1:)@the Circuit…..:)

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YES… Had been to the circuit Yesterday ,one day before Friday Practice…I wanted to Go as Eash has his tickets for 3 days starting today…And As Yuvan is not allowed in here as mentioned in my previous post, I’m staying back at home.. But i wanted to get the Night Race F1 feel..that too when Itz happenning here in Singapore..right away..

We were at Gate 6, Raffles city at abt 6.30 pm ..The back drop being the Merlion , Flyer and the Singapore River..WIth The Henderson Anderson Bridge making a part of the circuit.. we were in the place where the bridge curves in ( see pics)…What a Sight!!! And my heart felt so nervous as if m gonna drive.. seeing the circuit gives that nice feeling for any F1 fan.. i know.. n i felt n enjoyed it completely… of the workers told us that there is a Test drive they had been informed to be at 7pm..But we were very sure that definitely the F1 cars will not b there on the circuit ,as per the rules..that’s why there’s a thing called Friday Practice before qualifying n the Race..But v waited to see some action,as there were volunteers,stewards preparing the clearing off..even a small dirt..which is a sign of something gonna happen really..stewards practising showing yellow flag ( indication for Safety car deployed… no over taking…ha ha ha.. The most somber part of F1 it is..but safety first..)clearing the public ( though not so much..) 1m away from the barricades ,telling us ..any impact,..the barricades will move a bit..( u can see us sitting on the barricades ard 7…but after that no…) the barricades we are on are the fourth tier ..two tier barricades inside the circuit..backed off by the grills..then another concrete barricade n then one more where some of us were sitting…:)

In between all these there were signs of something..we saw More cars (not F1) taking people to the garage.. (if m not wrong the crew… n some drivers).. We saw the Ferrari crew going in a open battery operated car,jus enjoying the feel… Massa cycling with shorts  on ( picture was nicely taken by Eash,but he still has to copyright..will post later),Heidfield on the bike.. some crew jogging.. what a scene..true F1 feeling..

and then @ 8 it started.. DO u think F1 cars ? as expected by us NO!!! But safety car trial..But still worth watching it.. Eash was busy taking pics..and he got some great shots of the circuit,the safety cars and drivers..stewards.. will post the link to his album later on Monday with whole lot of F1 pics…kk??

Okie..there has been some voices in the Public n press in on-line forums that there are too much of steel grills erected..but after going there..i felt its for the public safety and for the F1 which is essential..but the galleries are erected in such a way that the view is good.. (see pics)SO..Well done Singapore!!!!!!!!!

Btw,.. Yesterday Night,Eash’s fren who works for ING ( main sponsor for Renault) as his client,got a Grand Stand -Pits Ticket for Today’s Friday Practice ,which he gave to Eash.. SO Eash is excited to see n photograph the F1 cars very very near n off course to get a glimpse of the Drivers up close.. m jus waiting to see his pics today!!!! and for tomo n dayafter he will b on his own public gallery more grandstand!!!

Now..get the feel what I I go..the pics…

The Marina Bay Street Circuit Picture….

Gate 6 view…

  Our First seating..on the barricades outside the grills..but a great view of the circuit at the corner turning into the Henderson Anderson bridge..from where we saw all the below scenes..including Massa in the cycle n Hiedfield driving a bike…


 Up close look of a car coming thru the Henderson  Anderson bridge..probably driving the crew to the garage…










A view of the corner

The Stewards getting ready ..taking positions…

 This is where Gate 6 is located ..view from the walk abt behind…


The Merlion backdrop as well

Wat a View?

The Galleries for the open tickets

Yuvan n Eash may b discussing a strategy for viewing….may b Yuvan accepted what dad told him..see next pic…


 Yuvan takes Father’s advice.. waitign for the safety car to pass by…

 Me an Yuv in the gallery..behind is a part of the circuit…

Me at the gallery… ( don’ look at my Shabby hair.. waitng for a hair cut…planning to wait till end oct n see how much it can grow n may b have a new look…:) )

Me n Yuv again in the walk abt…

 Yuvan enjoying the water glare made on the walls..enroute city hall mrt..


  Note : all the pics expect where me n Yuv are there are taken by me.. so can’t expect a professionalism… taken with my Sony Digi cam..Eash’s pics will b posted as promised on Monday… he got some great shots… the best thing about his photography is he jus doesn’t shoot only the event..also the people ard and some “wahhh ” factors…

And Forgot to say ..the weather forecast for The Singapore GP is rainy on Friday Practice and Race day.. so more dramas to unfold…let’s see..who takes.. For me any RED CAR..THE FERRARRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII..if KImi n Massa both take podium…I will b haaaaaaappppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



4 thoughts on “First feel at Singapore GP – F1:)@the Circuit…..:)

    Angeline said:
    September 26, 2008 at 7:19 PM

    Wow wow wow! That’s alot of photos! my boys love it. What excitement you guys went through! wow!

    Suhanya responded:
    September 26, 2008 at 8:08 PM

    Yeah…. this is my second ..We had been for the Malaysian Grandprix last year… Yuvan enjoyed a lot,,and we too..
    But night race ,first in the Formula one history ..that too in SIngapore is a special feeling:)

    Suhanya responded:
    September 26, 2008 at 8:08 PM

    M happy that KK n BB like the pics:)

    Srividhya said:
    September 29, 2008 at 4:17 PM

    Hey Suhee,
    Gud fotos and nice write up…

    Thanks for the follow up…No time to write blogs.Still caught up with the same dev proj.By 29th Nov,we are expecting for the deployment in test server(Hopefully…).So,lets c!After that i am asking for bench atleast for 1 week.Lemme c!!!Am waiting with my fingers crossed!!!heheheh!

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