Guilt and realisation…

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This Year’z Teacherz day has been so different for me..

Yuvan’s School had celebrations last friday,the last day before the school closure for holidays…SO i took Yuvan the prev day to buy a teacherz day gift for the teacher and the Aunt at school…I saw so many kids of different age groups queuing up ,some with many gifts for all their favourite teachers ,holding from their palm till the neck doing a balancing act with the chin,some with one cute present for their most favourite teacher…

My Mind raced back…Though I have always had a respect for my teachers right from my childhood till my college days,I don remember a single Teacherz day where i gifted someone who had made subtle changes in me as a Teacher…Except for my college days when i used to wish them!!!

Rt from my young age,I have been always a favourite student for many teachers for many reasons…Still m!!!

Very unfair on me..I don remember my first teachers name ( need to clal my mum up..sure she will remember..),though i still remember her face…I still remember my KG classrooms…and then my next memory travels to my 5th standard..when i got caught by my favourite English teacher ,for submitting MY handwriting book completed by my Uncle..he he he..

Forget abt gifts,i Have never even told my teachers,whom I like …that they had made a difference in me..What a shame..? I really feel so Bad….But Itz a very very late realisation…I hope i will atleast say my teachers in Person now,if I get to see them again in my life!!!

But itz never too late…here i say ” Tons n Tons of Thanks and Gratitude to all my Teachers…without u all ..m Not What M now!!!!!!!!! ” I love u My Teachers….Happy Teacherz Day..Every day is a Teachers day.. for that BIg Positive differences u have made in me!!!!

Now…To Yuvan’s first Teacher,Jayce..

She has done wonders to Yuvan,rt from teaching him pronunciations by splitting words ..Tea-Cher which is the first word he learned from his teacher and to chinese words for parts of the body,singing and what not…!!

With efforts at home and his rt age n schooling with Jayce..Yuvan has improved leaps and bounds and his vocabulary is now jus “On the march.Get set go” ..Itz so remarkable Yuvan uttered his first sentence in English at school to his teacher ..”teacher pls open door ‘ ..When she told me..I was so so happy..” From then Yuvan is all into forming sentences… HE is more interested to hear me read stories for him.. He readspicture books a lot..identifies n recognises,shapes,animals,fruits,veggies,alphabets,numbers  n so on..the list is ever growing now!!!!

Thanks Dear Jayce.. Happy teachers Day Once again!


3 thoughts on “Guilt and realisation…

    Angeline said:
    September 4, 2008 at 11:15 AM

    ohhh…dun feel bad…its never too late to realise one’s mistake and never too late to ‘repay’ it…do it to Yuvan’s teachers…its called paying it forward…*wink*

    I like the new header!

    Bhony said:
    September 6, 2008 at 5:24 PM

    Hey Suhanya…do you remember???? 5th September is Teacher’s day in INDIA !!!! Am i adding fuel to fire???? M feeling a twinge of guilt…Even for me,it sparked only after reading your Teacher’s day post..

    Suhanya responded:
    September 6, 2008 at 7:03 PM

    Hey yeah..I remember…Trulyyyyyyy..Happy teacherz Day!!!

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