Introducing My very own language….

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Yes.. Itz my lovely mother tongue “Tamil”

I have introduced the alphabets (is this the rt word???) or shd I say the very basics of Tamil letters??? , to Yuvan since Last Thursday… I did buy a book consisting of basic Tamil letters with the ever famous words relating to those letters….

And to my surprise…Yuvan is interested in reading this book as interested as he is with his other English books… And he will turn 3 the end of November ,and it was so nice when he told me once “Amma,Tamil…” indicating he wanted to read that book..

But I shd also accept,he finishes all his English shapes/fruits/animals and watever he has in one go…but Tamil..he wants to finish reading in 10 -15 mts n asks for ‘amma…story…/amma…fruits..”

so I think soon he will spend more time with Tamil too as he will get familiarised with his intial letters…

But its 5 days now ever since he was introduced to reading/recognising Tamil letters n corresponding words..he can say 10 of the Uyir eluthugal ( basic letters) now… with the corresponding ” ah- amma,aahh- aadu “….

When he was talking only a few  words when he was 2 ,even doctor once advised me, “if u wanna be real fast sans the language barriers..then stick to one language- English “..Those days I was worried whether Yuvan cd speak always i feel the Mother tongue is what that connects u with your roots n soul…

But v did stick to talking with him in both Tamil n English..Now he understands both Tamil n English very well and started small sentences in both..M really happy abt it..

Living abroad always takes a lil toll on these language skills,if u are not so specific of these kids learning both..

i have been wondering abt introducing Tamil scripts to Yuvan for so long..but as he started learning English Alphabets n other things I waited for him to learn that first!!Now i thought since he can recognise n read all alphabets,Its time for his Mother tongue..and here he goes… ” ah- amma…”

I hope Yuvan cultivates interest for both writing n reading Tamil…

I envy people like Tamizh n Sathiya n Ganesh having Blog versed in Tamil n I jus love their blogs too..My recent find is Saravanan’s amazing kavithaigal… 

 இவை ,

படிக்கும் போதெல்லாம் தருவது,

 சில்லென ஓர் ஊடுருவல்…


அது ஒரு புரிபடாத ஆனந்த ஊடுருவல்!!!!

I have always had a spl feeling towards my Mother tongue,though m now more familiar in writing in English..There were days when i wrote poetry and stories in Tamil…Gone are the days..But I love my mother tongue and i wish to write a few of peoms from now on..lemme see…

7 thoughts on “Introducing My very own language….

    Vani said:
    August 23, 2008 at 8:28 AM

    Ha ha…. nice to know that yuvan started learning tamil.

    //enakku intha elakiyavathigal elutharatha vida..namma la mathiri eluthuravangula thaan pudikum…athula oru nermai,oru unmaiyaana uyirootam irukkum //

    I totally agree to your point:)

    Suhanya responded:
    August 23, 2008 at 8:46 AM

    Thanks Vani!

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