JaiHind!!/ Happy Birthday India!!!

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Jai Hind!!!!
The ever patriotic single word for any Indian!!!!
Happy Birthday India!!!!My loving nation…and my Motherland!!!!

I’m in a feeling embarrassed or in other way a positive sense,to say that “The Independence day feeling” has hit me strong ever since I Moved out of India compared to rather when I Was in India!!!I have always felt,believed and experienced the fact that ” u will feel the importance of something more when they /u are away from it ” whether it may be relationships or country or whatever u take it!!!

I Think m truly having the Indian feeling after I started living away from my very own country,where i truly belong!!!and where I have my roots…

Indian Independence always brings joy to me ,though even my mom was not born when India tasted independence from the British!But I have always wondered,what my other fellow Indians of the post /pre 1947 wd have felt abt Pakistan going separate from India @ midnight 14th August ,1947..Its always an awkward feeling for me…Thinking of a nation being split on the bias of religion!!!I
I have always had a special feeling and warmth and a soft heart for my fellow Muslim brothers living in India ( to be pretty frank)… And v do have a very close family fren ,a Muslim also ( I have mentioned in one of my earlier posts).. V are frens for about 27 years now..thatz my age!!!.!!!!But….after the 1998,Feb 14th serial bomb blasts in my home city(exactly during the bomb blasts ,I was in the heart of the city ,shopping with my aunt and returned home unscathed without the knowledge of the serial bomb blasts),my feelings has changed  to a lil bit of fear and that extra alertness though i have close muslim frens…
I shd say the whole attitude of the people of my city changed from friendliness to extra alertness!!!

Still…. My fellow Muslim brothers!!!!!,if u are happy being away from the our secular nation n enjoy living separate as a nation away from India..M still happy for u..as long as u guys are happy!!! So Belated Happy Birthday Pakistan!!!

Coming back to the I- day feeling…I always feel a lot of gratitude and respect towards My Indian National Flag..I have always cherished the moment of tieing the flag properly on the flag post at my school as a school pupil leader ,after every teacher hoists it every other day!!! I have always felt one step above all doing it every other day as a School Pupil Leader!!! Wat a feeling to tuch the flag..when u have to fold it every evening before sunsets…Awesomely Proud to be an Indian!!!

But off-late ,Itz so shame that coz of the terrorists threats and India always being a target of cross border terrorism..v have been celebrating Independence amid tight security cover!!! What a Shame…!!!
India has been talking and taking so many measure to keep them under check .But still ….
My Fellow Indians ..wake up..lets make our country more secure and safe!!! Be alert and be secular!!Itz our Mother India… and as our pledge says ” ALL Indians are my brothers and sisters..”( I have always stood that extra firm in the school assembly telling it aloud in the mike every Monday for the whole school to follow me..)

“All Indians are my Brothers and Sisters!……………..”

Lotz to write abt My India..may follow..both good and measures to be taken from an Indian point of view!!!



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