Olympics 2008 @ Beijing!

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This is the first time I’m following Olympics on TV unlike the previous times thru newspapers!!!

It all started with My hubby calling me to watch the opening ceremony…I could not watch it at a single go..glued to my seats,I didn’t miss much of it…and I truly agree with Wat Straits times had to say abt the opening ceremony next day in print…

It sd ” WOW..China Dazzles….” Truly amazing!!

I have always felt whenever Olympics comes,That My Mighty India is not represented properly though there is abundance in talent , but not proper training facilities to all those who are talented..that’s how the cream of the talented crop either survive or are left out !!!Its high time we wake up with so much talent in store..still raw!!!!Come on India.. And I felt so embarrassed to be apt..when the commentator for the opening ceremony commented n compared the contingents of China n India marching in the opening ceremony..what a shame to me as an Indian!!!

It is even more embarrassing that this time Indian hockey team didn’t make it to the Olympics first time in the history after 1962..Itz time to think n act wisely!

The best part of Olympics I love is the Gymnastics and the swimming!!!

Yesterday saw the team competitions for men n today women live..!!! What a performance by the Chinese Team…well fought till the end by the American women!!!

There the commentator commented ” anything in the mid-15’s is  a  very good score except if u are Chinese”..This Shows how much China is good in gymnastics…!!!!But women’s team gold wd have been a very very close affair rather than the close fight it was ,if the one US team gymnast ( a former world champion herself) had not faulted twice!!!But well done China!!!

Two days back..Happiness rushed thru me… as I read ” India wins their First gold”..India took gold in 10 m rifle – shooting..Abhinav Bindra is the Man!! Hearty  Congratulations!!

U have made every Indian proud to put his/her head a lil up!!!!! Come On India!!!

Another strong medal hope is Men’s tennis doubles…Paes/Mahesh..come on..U can do it!!!

Phelps !!!!the man in swimming trying to beat the 7 golds at a single Olympics set by Mark Spitz in swimming in 1962..Phelps is competing in 8 races..5 done n taken..3 to go!!! Keep a watch!!!

As Olympics unfolds..more to come!!!I’m truly bitten by the Olympics bug!!!

Youth Olympics coming to Singapore!!! Keeping my fingers crossed..lemme have a feel myself then!!!


7 thoughts on “Olympics 2008 @ Beijing!

    Suhanya responded:
    August 14, 2008 at 11:14 AM

    True Nive.. all those stories i read too..
    yeah even i liked Shawn on the beam..wat a performance under pressure after alicia faulted!!
    read abt Bindra’s gun tamper n the lip sync issue…lots unfolding at the olympics!!!

    Vani..yeah truly scintillating!!!

    Angeline said:
    August 15, 2008 at 6:20 PM

    I can feel your face shinning bright as you type this post!

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