A Blue Denim’s Story!

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 A Blue Denim’s story!

  It was Sunday (last) and I did laundry and forgot to take few of Yuvan’s clothes in as it had not dried completely that evening….

Luckily it didn’t rain overnight..and Monday morning when I was attempting to get the pole in..the Blue denim of Yuvan which was in the pole thru the leg space of the pant and a not a clip..fell on to the pole of my 11th floor neighbor…( I live in 12th)

I called my dear hubby jus to push it downstairs with a pole, so I can go n pick up..

 But it happened to get struck on to the window grill of 9th floor..Oopppss…so went downstairs to get their help ,as the denim was one of the newest I bought for Yuvan and one of my favorites…



(U can see the blue denim of Yuvan inbetween the second  n third pole from left on to the steel grill)

 But..no response..!!! first I thought. nobody in there..

Then when I was drying my clothes again I saw poles coming out of the 9th floor window, I went down and pressed the calling bell again..Still no response…!!!!

 Evening my dear fren Bhony came n tried her luck too..

Off it went..Tuesday..Wednesday..i kept trying…still no response..but I get to see Yuvan’s pantz hanging in there…

 I had a wild guess, may be some elderly people live in 9th whom don’t know English…

Thatz why they don’t open the door.then how to get it?

So…Half of my heart had already been convinced that I should forget Yuvan’s denim!!!

  But NO..!!!!

 Yesterday evening I was taking Yuv out and we were in the lift..going down..the lift stopped in 9th florr..

My heart beat a lil too fast. Butterflies in my stomach. Mind racing ..may b my 9th floor resident???

It was a Chinese granny and a maid who ame in to the lllift..

I immediately asked the maid. Are u in the unit next to the lift?

 OPPPPSSSSSSSSS>..Yes!!!! she did say YES…and I told her “My son’s pant got stuck in u’r grill ….blah blah…

  Wonder wat she replied?

Yes..I know

 So I guess she wd have seen me thru the peep hole whenever I rung the bell. but didn’t open the door to the reasons only known to her!!!

 So I asked her immediately..”Can u take it for me ? I will come n collect it…or jus push it down…”

She sd “yeah lah..yeah lah..tomolo 9.30 u come…”

 But she wasn’t herself sure..how do I then?

 Today Morning..I woke up…went straight to my kitchen window and peeped to see my Dear Yuvan’s pants…

Know wat?It wasn’t there…. I was like ” did she take it?or has it fallen down n cleared by the block cleaning guy?“”

But my ever positive hubby sd ” she wd have taken n kept it,Don’t worry!!””

 Today I went in ard 9.45am..no response…

To be frank I was pist off…

 I came downstairs to pick up Yuvan..she was in the bench near the Badminton court right below our block with the granny..and she recognized me n told..”I got u’r pants…but m going out…” then I asked her “then shall I come in the evening..?” she did say “yes. After 7 -8 (pm)”


   Yuvan’s Denim will b back in the wardrobe!!! N Yuvan can wear itttttttttttttttttt toooo!!! 



 I felt sorry for being pist off this morning..Sorry my dear 9th floor resident and Thanks a TON for returning my Lil tadpole’s favorite denim!!! 

  Lesson learnt :

Always clip atleast the last farther cloth even if u dry thru the pole…!!!

Will follow it!!!(following already!)


2 thoughts on “A Blue Denim’s Story!

    Vani said:
    August 1, 2008 at 5:29 PM

    I like the lesson you learnt 😉 he he

    Love your description… it was like I was reading a big book 😉

    Thats why I never use these poles outside… too afraid, fearing that I will drop down the pole 😉 I use the clothes stand instead 😉

    Angeline said:
    August 6, 2008 at 5:22 PM

    My son’s t-shirt dropped down to my neighbours pole before too…but my experience was wonderful, and that resulted me having a new (good) neighbour….sorry to hear your unpleasant experience….


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