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M Hurt!!!


It all started at school yesterday. I was inside the class room and was abt to leave…I was jus standing 2 ft behind Yuvan!!


Now..I shd give a jest of wat Yuvan is..He’s a very social expressive boy..likes to go say Hi to his classmates when they enter the classroom..,sometimes gives a light hug…which I feel is ok..though I always teach him the “Don’t tuch “ ..(As its the way it is here..M sorry m fellow Non-Indian frenzz…!!!)


But he is also loved for this character and all his classmates and parents don mind..n the other kids also reciprocate…


I shd also agree Yuvan has nice classmate frens ,play mates and neighbours whoa re fond of him/play with him and what not who are also non-Indian!!!!!And i ahve also had/have very good non-Indian neighbours who are very friendly to me…Kudoos to them!


Now…back to standing behind Yuvan…


There came in his classmate with her granny in to the class..n Yuvan just went running to her…Though I was standing behind him..the Granny sd to Yuvan.. a very stern n strict and loud

 “ Nooooooooooooo…GOOOOOOOOO”

I was shocked…SHOCKED to hell!!!!

RT infront of me..Yuvan is getting such a treatment like this for doing nothing….Is running towards a classmate to see her in is such a big fault in this part of the world??


Then it jus struck me that same “NOooooooooo” she has uttered to Yuvan few times in the lift while we were coming up together or going down when Yuvan attempted to say “Bye’ or “Hi”….


I was so hurt that it happened in front of me..but I didn’t want to talk to her inside the classroom..as it will deftly disturb others…

But I did told the teacher,that  “this has been happening quite frequently..can u just take note? N get back to me?”

The teacher sd”Sorry..will look in to it’/…The teacher is a very nice lady…very even to all kids and really Yuvan has learned a lot from her/thru her..


I was so disturbed I shd say…


Today I got the feedback..the Teacher has spoken to the granny..the granny sd “ everytime he (Yuvan ) is trying to hug or come near…he can’t do that or tuch her..she (her grand daughter ) is a “GIRL”.

The teacher tried to explain he is jus hugging with love..n he is a BOY n not a MAN..

But the granny was not willing to heed to the teacher..


M also lil disturbed by the fact why she chose to have a go at Yuvan rather coming n talking to me that she didn’t want this from Yuvan to her Granddaughter. I shd have handled it rather letting Yuvan experiencing the “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO’z”



But I did tell the teacher.. “Pls let her know that she can’t shout at Yuvan like that wherever she sees him  …in the classroom..Outside..it gives a bad feeling for Yuvan..as well me ..at the very early start of my day!!!!… Whatever let her tell me or U (teacher)”


M hurt n disturbed!!!!!






11 thoughts on “M HURTTTTTTTT!!!

    Suhanya responded:
    August 19, 2008 at 5:54 PM

    Hey Sathiya..thatz true…he jus loves Photography!!! wil send his album link tonite..
    Will pass on the comment for the above pic to him!!!!

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