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Wow..what a feeling to b back writing in this space!!!

It was two days back..I woke with a heavy shower outside,the climate so chill…sending my thoughts back to my hometown…Where every other day from Sep- Dec is like this!!!

Eash was on MC and I made Yuv ready for the school..

It was still raining..but it had come down a bit..v walked thru the shelters for a while..and Yuvan was full covered with his jacket n cap overall…and when we were walking along the road under the shelter..I could literally feel the drizzle on to my face that was carried with the ..what a feeling…chill drizzle on to the face…dressed in a cosy jacket..(me too)..and enjoying the free fall of rain…

It all reminded me my schooling days back in India..rain was always schools will b closed for two-three u can send paper boats in the water.,eat hot n spicy snacks at home..sleep a little longer in the comfort of the mattress n quilt with jus the head popping out….

when the school re opens..its even more fun..going to school under the umbrella chatting away what we did during the rain holidays..wat fun!!!

I love driving my two-wheeler in the chill evenings (not rainy evenings off-course) on the Coimbatore roads with a jacket. Itz an amazing feeling…driving at 50kmph with the chill wind blowing on to your face,cold gripping your fingers,chill wind finding its way into the jacket….

ooooohhhhhhhhh oooooooooo…I MISS U CBE!!!!!


One thought on “Nostalgia

    Angeline said:
    July 27, 2008 at 11:09 AM

    Its fun to think back sometimes and ‘feel the wind’ back on your face!

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