M Back n an update/good news

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Heyyyyyy all..m back..
Its been almost 15 days unannounced break from blogging!!!
Thanks Srividhya n vani for checking on me!!!

I remember my good fren asking me the other day “How do u manage both blogs..wat makes u going??”” I wrote her back ” My passion for writing and my unexplained energy towards myself ,my family and wat not??”

So why did I disappear??

First,to my shock I had missed the dates for application in few good Kg’s here for Yuvan’s admission next year coz of our inconclusive re-location plans!!!But then woke up not so late and decided to secure place whatever may b our relocation plans..

I did read lots of reviews on the schools , my considerations,requirements…,whether the admission still open if I was interested n then a few school tours,lots of phone calls…

Finally I secured admission for Yuv in PAP,as well zeroed in on one Montessori after a school tour n discussion…now I got one more second tour pending n they have places for Jan ’09 intake!!! So will have to register latest by September!!!

Then came the much expected bombshell..My owner increased my rental 50%  + of my current rental from sep!!!
SO v jus made a decision which was so much pending since 1 year to buy a house here and stay back for another two years ,Our PR will b renewed as well Yuv will finish his KG in Montessari!!!! A very quick one indeed and v started off the next day viewing!!! But turned out to be a better one for all of us in the family!!!Thatz wat I want and thatz whom My life is revolving around!!!

Luckily the 4th house v saw itself was modern,very new,very well maintained and so much to our satisfaction,expectations and msot importantly within the budget we cd afford…
Yet v held the House for 3 more days n had more than 16 views n decided that’s where v both had the positive vibration!!!

Signed the OTP on 16th JUly… and oterh stuffs on process..If everythign goes fyne..we’ll b moving into the new house by end october!!!!!
I need u’r prayers n Best wishes all of you!!!
Wish me !!!!

And “the House” is gonna be “OUR HOME”

Was very much stressed out that I couldn’t sleep properly!!!
I have more to tell u..
but in next post as itz gonna be major stress release!!!
I dunn wanna combine this good news post with a stress release!!!
get ready for my Stress release!!!

But as of now..M here..back blogging with Good spirits n Lots of energy!!!
I promise not to miss u guys again !!!!!

One more news to share!!!I may decide to start working atleast part time from ’09..lets see how things go by!!!

Got to write a lot abt my lil one too…
Coming up next..( does it sound like a Tv Commercial..he he he..LOL)

Have a Great Time Guys!!!!


7 thoughts on “M Back n an update/good news

    Suhanya responded:
    July 24, 2008 at 9:45 PM

    Thanks Nive,Angel ,Mahe,tamizhini n Vani on u’r best wishes n good luck!!

    I need more of it Frenzzz

    Vani said:
    September 26, 2008 at 4:30 PM

    Hi Suhee, this post says why I am not blog hopping…. 😉 same thing happening with us now:(

    Worst is we are shifting to a house for 2 months, this weekend, until v get our own …. so too tiresome dear…. will catch up all your posts soon !

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