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Wahhh..Finally I’m writing in here… Been kept busy with something or the other and haven’t found time to write!!!But lots to tell u my blogger frens!!!

 Here I Go…First Today is my Dear fren B’s Birthday..I wish her the best of years ahead!!!! “Happy Birthday to u…” *sing*

 Yuvan started having fun with his train, race cars…out of the blue as I had already told Yuvan is not a toy man…now he plays for a while with his cars. Lego’s and his train talking with it n enjoying it..

 More..he started pedaling his cycle well inside the home. He is a cycle crazy fellow. The way he bought his cycle and rode home itself will make another post for next time…okie?? Loves his cycle so much now-a-days!!!! But can u believe I never had a tri-cycle in my early childhood??? *cross verified with my Mom too..* My first was a joint savings effort by me n my brother initiated by my father at the age of 10 or 12 if m not wrong!!!!!

 The last Sunday (ie  29thJune) Yuvsaw his first movie in the Cinema ” Kung Fu Panda”..

We made him see the preview at home (a short clip..),

In which he loved the Monkey and Panda. Before starting, v were lil sure that he wdbe interested, given the duration being 1.30 hrs compared to 2.30 – 3hrs for a Tamil movie, which we haven’t been going to Cinemaz to watch from the time Yuvan was born. Sans the effort taken to see the Movie “Pokkiri” at the cinemas, meant that me n Yuvan were playing in the lobby catch n run for almost 70% of the movie.LOL 😉

 On the movie..

KP is one fo the best animated action movie’s I have seen so far. And I literally loved every bit of it!!Yuvan loved all the kunfu sequences which were plenty. but he wd get lil “not at home” when they start conversing…those times Yuvanwas busy talking with us (me, my hubby n frens) to everyone of us he wd say ” M..Panda”, ” V …Panda” “Appa..Panda” and so on…

 Yuvan loved the Panda n the monkey. Identified his favorite noodles  and many more in it..LOL..:) Learned new words like “Tortoise…”

 Amazing movie. Must watch!!!!Ultimately Yuvan enjoyed it n me too…

 Then, My Blogger fren Angel had given me an award…which meant a lot to me…

The friendship Award ..cos Friends mean a lot to me and my frens are also one of my major source of energy everyday!!!How else wd I term them ,if not this way???

 Thanks Angel ((((( Hugzzzz)))))..

M happy Happy Happy..

 So here I pass the happiness, gratitude and thanks to the frens I have made in this blog world.



And Not to forget My Angel!!!!, who gave me this beautiful award!

Then ..Yuvan gave me a shock n surprise yesterday..

My fren B and me bring back Sam n Yuvan together…

It’s just a common Traffic signal (or shd I put it Traffic junction???)from which we take to different T.signals to reach our homes..

Yesterday Yuvan started asking me ” aunty..veetu..” ,(on the way back from school )meaning he wanted to go to Sam’z place with aunty B for a while.

Until now every time Sam n yuvan play together,either i go to her home for the day or she come over .I haven’t let Yuvan alone or rather i thought he cannot stay alone without me..*wink*

He kept asking me n i told him “aunty is coming over tomo,why u wanna go today..” then he sd “amma..aunty veettu”

then i sd him “oku go with aunty ‘ To my surprise to held her hands n sd “bubye ‘ n went..then i thought he wd cry after crossign the u think he cried??? NOOOO..he did say again bubyen left with her to her

place…she called me to say after 10 minutes “Yuvan n sam are so disciplined that they are not fighting at all (they always have this lil clashes for some or other reason..then one of them give up for his fren)..Yuvan asked me that he wanted to ride cycle ,they are having a snack now..n playing u take u’r time n come over for lunch”..

It took me easily 1 hr plus to finish all my work at home..still now news..then i wnet to her home..stood at the grill and saw them ..they were talking n learning in the mini laptop,wat a sight to see..and Yuvan came running after seeing me n started explaining me wat they were doing…

I was in such a great shock-surprise I could not react..

First..Yuvan can stay without me for atleast half a day with his best fren at his place ..meaning that he is growing up..

I now have to get prepared for all this..

Third…I have a very good fren who cd take care of my son as hers!!!Thanks B!

Itz a nice feeling but still m not out of that shock-surprise.. MArk the day 1st July..Yuvan’s visit to Sam’z place without me!!!











7 thoughts on “Awards/All about Yuvan/Kungfu Panda

    maheswari said:
    July 3, 2008 at 9:05 PM

    First time here.Came from Illatharasi.Had fun reading about Yuvan.My son Ram is 4 1/2 yrs old.Been through all these.I hate to see him growing up ..:).Heard a lot about KP, have to go and see.He and his dad went to watch Wall-E, yet another superb movie from pixar.But his dad was saying it was meant for bit older kids.Anyways he enjoyed the popcorn.Sometimes i think, ram goes to movie just for the sake of popcorn ..:)

    Angeline said:
    July 3, 2008 at 10:41 PM

    Your are most welcome! my boys and I enjoyed the KungFu Panda too!

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