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I m not sure whether i ‘m so occupied or is it something else? so much there in my mind n heart that i decided to spill out a few..

First..i felt lil bad…abt wat?

I chanced upon an article on my College’s (where i did my Engg) chancellor (who is now no more).When i was studying there, i did know that she was such a great lady has done so much to make it know to the world..and all those stuffs..but still v used to make fun n never gave her that truerespect ,I shd confess here..

The article made me realise what it means on a larger point of view ,what she has done … in the means from small to big..

Very astounding facts..

In 1937 when she had to marry due to her family circumstances,she did put forward to her groom,that she shd b sent for higher studies..,and the groom did agree..she went on to complete her research from Ohio state university, US in the forties..read again 1940’s… in India!!

She was the first to have done a research doctorate from overseas in home science.

She has served our college(Avinashilingam University ) as a Professor,VC n then Chancellor.. and has brought so much of funds and have utilised it to perfection to bring the college to the limelight.

Even now itz one of the well known colleges and one sought for!

She has been awarded The highest civilian award in India “Padma Sree”

and so many…I salute her..(Better late than Never)

second..so much that Yuvan is jus starting on alphabets n numbers n he is not giving his full concentration to me on that..lil pre-occupied on that!!! one good thing is he himself brought the numbers peg board to me n started fixing correctly repeats n recognises as I say….so shd i be happy rather than contemplating?

One happy thing Yuvan started to listen to stories as I read during bed-time allover again …pretty relieved!!!

Yuvan pushed Sam n he got hit in his forehead..that I had put an icepack..and though Yuvan did realise he has done something he is not supposed to do…took 30 mts after so much talking to tell me the magical words”sorry” n “sorry n kiss ” to Sam.. ^^^ Bugging ^^^

Gonna give a call to my mom right away..as m feeling lil home sick (Mom -sick??)



7 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

    Angeline said:
    June 30, 2008 at 8:40 PM

    (hey girl, got an award for you over at my site, go claim it.)

    maheswari said:
    July 4, 2008 at 9:56 PM

    Missed this post earlier.Hope you are feeling better now.See ram is 4 1/2 yrs old and will never say “sorry” or “thanks” if it is just not needed there.I been pressuring him.If a friend falls accidental while playing and i didn’t see it and ask ram to say sorry, he will say “no..amma..nan onnum pannala”.But if he thinks he had done something worng, will come up to me or others and say sorry.So don’t worry about it.Condolences for your M’am.I sure me too have done so many things in college that i have to rethink , not regret though…:D

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