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How to start?? Where to start?

I wanted to make it two posts each seperate..but then since this both has been linked in someway..i wanted to club both..

Here I go.. I got my first award from Vani and the same award by Tamzhini namely the “Good Chat Blog award”

and Tamzhini had written that I’m writing interestingly abt my Son..

Wow..what a way to start the Birthday!!!!

Yep..It was my Birthday yesterday… and my first log-in had Vani’s message ” u have a surprise in my blog” and there she had given me unknowingly my birthday gift!!!My First Blog Award!!!

It started for me very well on 17th evening itself I shd say…My very good friend B gifted me a “BBBBBBBiiiiiiiiiGGGGGGGG” chocc and a nice earring and wished me..what a feeling to get a birthday gift..though u get it every time though!!

Then My hubby called me to tell that he has taken off on 18th for my birthday ..wahh…Itz been long since we were together the whole day on my birthday…off he came with a bouquet n cake…

Then I slept by 10.30 after Yuvan went to bed…unknowingly in the couch in the living room..

the clock struck 12!!and off they woke me up..I mean ‘they ” cos it was Eash n Yuvan to my surprise..

The first question I did ask was ” hey..i did make Yuvan sleep rt? or did i sleep before that?”

Eash had woke him up..n My lil tadpole was more than happy to wake up for his Mom’s birthday celebration..This was one of the nicest moments I shd say..

Yuvan gave me a single rose (courtesy : Dad) and lots of kisses n v did savour on the Yummy choc cake ..My all-time favourites..

Eash his flower bouquet

n My day started well with the blessings from my mom n In-laws!!! what a way to start a day??? I really cherished every bit of it!

On the B-day,cooked for Yuv n Eash…got two surprise calls of all the calls from India from my two cousins..went to the temple and had dinner at PizzaHut with

our very good frens M N V..

Yuv enjoyed the Twin pasta Kiddy meal a lot…I tasted the chic meat ball n Icecream of wonder he loved his dinner!!!

In recent years,this is one of my most memorable birthdays of which i cherished every bit of it!!!The most relaxing Birthday ever!!!

Thanks Eash ,Yuv n My frens !!!




10 thoughts on “Awards / Birthday

    Srividhya said:
    June 20, 2008 at 5:31 PM

    belated Bday wishes Suhee…..Fotos are too gud..Enjoi Maadi!!!!

    sri said:
    June 20, 2008 at 6:25 PM

    belated birthday wishes dear. Vani of is my good friend. ur blog is too good. yuvan is looking great. photos are also so nicce pa. just visit my blog and post ur comments while u find time. keep in touch. congrats on receiving award.

    […] wonder wat? I have forgot to pass my awards in the happiness n excitment of writing abt my birthday on that day.. Here I go.. M happy to pass my Good chat blog award to my very good blogger fren who is amazingly […]

    Bhony said:
    June 21, 2008 at 3:53 PM

    Congrats on receving this award Suhee!!! You deserve it!!! Pics are too gud..Cho chweet of Yuv.. celebrating momz b’day!!! My kisses to both of u..

    Suhanya responded:
    June 22, 2008 at 1:26 AM

    Srividhy..thanks a lot..
    Sri…Thanks for u’r compliments n wishes..will sure visit u’r blog!!
    Bhony..Thanks so much dear!!

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