The Name – I

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All in the name>>>

When I was talking to my fren B two days back..By chance the conversation led to how Yuvan got his name..n then me n my bro..

Thought of sharing it here..

Lemme start with “YUVAN”

When I Did conceive,I had some expectation for a Girl baby..

That lil hopes for Girl was neutralised by me not sooner than a month cos I had read somewhere long time back that if the baby is of opposite sex than what u think or have a lil preference..The foetus starts developing /growing inside with the feeling that “my mom doesn’t like me”…I don’t want my lil one to go thru all this..and I want him/her to know that I need him and I love him!!

before the 22nd week ,my Gynae asked us “Do u want to know the sex of the baby?” . V did say Yes”… She told us Looks like a boy..u can know very clearly in the 22nd week scan..”

Then  V went to the Amazing doc Called Dr.Anantha Krishnan,at the Camden Medical Centre ( he is one of the best …I strongly recommend him to anyone for the 22nd week scan..) for my detailed scan which took 2 hrs . then he confirmed by asking us ” do u want to know the sex?”V both sd “yes” and he told us ” Itz a baby boy…” with a lil tune of his own!!

Then I started searching for the names..

But i shd also mention ,by our Hindu Tradition n our family tradition,we name the babies after their birth,in accordance to the time of their birth..Then comes the Moon Signs n naming accordingly..

But we wanted to finalise the name before for reasons of getting the passport before Eash flies back n more importantly wanting to have our own time to choose the name rather than in the hospital with very lil names to choose by n with nominations by X n Y n Z..

Before we stumbled upon the name “Yuvan ” ,I had Options Arjun – my all time favourite.( I have already told Eash that if v go for the second one n if it happens to b a boy..then no name searching ..its gonna b “Arjun”) ,Rishi n Rahul n Eash had Varun in his mind!

But then it came to Rahul or Arjun!

Off I flew to India in my 7th month of pregnancy… with these names in mind…V had decided that v wd name him Arjun if v don’t find any other name v like…

Then One fyne of Eash’s fren’z fren had told Eash ” How abt the name “Yuvan”?”..Instantly Eash liked.. N Coincidentally..i saw the Same name on TV when i was watching some show back in India..n i had liked it too…

That’s how My Lil tadpole was named “YUVAN” – meaning EVER YOUNG MAN!

Surprise :When Yuv completed one Year,by our tradition v got the horoscope done for Yuvan,The guy who did it had asked my cousin ,who went to do the horoscope thing for Yuvan,who named him ? n how?”.Then my cousin had told His parents ..n cos they liked this name n not in accordance with the time of birth or the moon sign..”…  To our surprise the Guy has told my cousin “ this name fits him perfectly according to the moon sign,birth time n numerology..that’s why i asked u.”

Hurray..My parents n his parents were very happy hearing this..after all that family tradition followed as well!! LOL




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