Big Brother?

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Big Brother???

Recently I have been noticing the Big brother attitude In Yuvan..ON A POSITIVE side though..Thank Goodness!

He has been always carried away by the lil babies he sees at the malls,play area,hospital..wherever..he jus goes behind them..when they (parents)also notice n start behaving friendlier..then after giving me a “Shall I?” Look Yuv jus gives a gentle touch with his young n cute little palms on the cheeks of the lil one..

I always adore the way does with jus Gentle care n Immense Love!!

But for other reasons..i Have taught him the Don’t tuch attitude unless i Give him Permission!!

Last weekend we had been to one of our close fren’s fren’s Place..They had wished Eash to take pics of their one year old daughter..They had made it a get-together as well.One of his fren’s family with a 2 year old Sidh was also present..

 Yuvan from the moment v entered the house tried to socialise with the Young Sidh though he was shy ,by shaking hands,inviting to play catch n throw with the balloons around..driving the car n all that..Soon Sidh started playing a lil with Yuvan..

And the Lil daughter of our fren named Raaniya was bombed by Yuvan and viceversa!!They started having a ball of time togther!!

all thru,Yuv treated Raaniya n SIdh as his frens as well played the big brother role perfectly..sharing..Taking care of them…being gentle n what not??

The climax is …all thru the time the music was on…..


And as I have written earlier ,Yuvan has a passion for dancing (as with the ball to play around….)that too when its hip hop or foot tapping music..Raaniya loves to dance as well ..Sidh too to an extent..

When the song was on..Yuvan wanted o hold hands of Raaniya n dance..n to our surprise Raaniya co-operated well..we all had so much fun watching them dance together holding hands..



finally after the song was over..Yuv gave a gentle Hug to Raaniya.u Can feel the gentleness in this pic!!!

YUv made me Proud being a big brother and a friend to his pals..n a well behaved disciplined  Happy Young son to his Mom n Dad..

Not to mention..he too had lot so fun playing in the lawn with his fav uncle Vishal..Sidh n others with his ball!!






8 thoughts on “Big Brother?

    Suhanya responded:
    June 16, 2008 at 6:10 PM

    Bhony..Thanks n pls don’t start agian..m already too confused abt it!

    dahlia said:
    June 26, 2008 at 4:18 AM

    hi sugi, am a regular visitor of ur blog….. a silent reader…. all ur thoughts r great…. keep up the good work….

    Suhanya responded:
    June 28, 2008 at 9:01 AM

    Hey Dhalzzz..
    Thanks for visitng my blog often..have a look at my food blog which I’m co-authoring with my very good fren..i need u’r feedback!

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