A Trip to remember – II

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Now off to Yuvan’s first Train journey in India…

For my non-Indian readers …Indian railways is the world’s largest rail Transport…n v have long distance trains that cover almost every part of India apart from the Metro Rails in the major cities..


So Instead of a flight which wd have been only 30 mts , i chose to take the train which was 8 hrs. from Chennai where my fren’s wedding was to my hometown Coimbatore..,cos I wanted Yuv to get the feel of it..as well itz been long since i travelled by a train..that too travelling along with my mom n brother in a day train chit chatting all 8 hrs is a Bonus for me…

Yuv co-operated well rt from gettin up early as 4.00 am n going to the station..he enjoyed every bit of his train journey..playing with my brother..talking with the fellow passengers…looking around..enjoying the trains “thud-thud..” n sleeping for a while in my bro’s lap..trying to talk a lot with my mom n what not??

he was not interested in anything that was sold inside the train excpet when a seller came with a bunch of books..i had already made my mind to buy a few before Yuv asked for..as i love those books esp cookery books … but to my disappointment there were no cookery books..but all to take fro Yuv!!

I chose a lot of picture books on fruits,veggies n so much n some colouring books..









 he jus loved all those.. n to my surprise started reading n telling my co-passengers what each one was pointing to each picture he knew..


He became a famous lil pot inside the whole compartment!!!

he learnt few new words ..like “mango..”etc

when we had to get down finally at Coimbatore..he luvingly bade good bye to all n everyone missed him..sure Yuvan wd have too!

Not to mention i enjoyed every bit of journey with my mom,brother n My Lil Yuvan!



2 thoughts on “A Trip to remember – II

    கணேஷ் said:
    July 4, 2008 at 9:13 AM

    What an Icon smile! Yuvan, you are my mind conqueror

    Suhanya responded:
    July 4, 2008 at 1:24 PM

    Thanks na…Wow..u finally viisted my blog n posted a comment too!!

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