A Trip to Remember – I

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A Trip to remember for Yuvan!!

 As I had written abt My Trip to India shortly here,well..itz finally time to write abt the trip he enjoyed a lot!!!

 My flight was at 9.05 pm SG time and v were at the airport 2 hrs before as usual..

Checked in, Yuv had his dinner n was playing a lot!!!

Then came my time to proceed to Immigration n boarding…Now…Yuv realized that itz gonna b me n him who are gonna fly not his Dad..though we had prepared him at home that last week that Papa is not gonna come.it didn’t work naturally at the airport..He started crying inconsolably n somehow I managed to breeze thru immigration with him..n then he started crying more seeing Eash thru the glass doors n started running towards the exit.. waw…I had to control him a lott…

 There I found the “Minitoons ” n took him to buy (rather bribe to be apt ..which I donn do always do..but I had to divert him cos he was crying so inconsolably…) something like his fav Mickey..or Thomas!!

Found his fav Mickey out there..but it was so big…as well the price tag..69 SGD..

So went on a searching spree to find  his Mickey in a keychain..( like a  small ball)n a small MnM kind of stuff in a Mickey kindaa box…(same vertical tube with the mickey mouse cap ) n a pack bubble gum (which he will not eat anyways..) on which his famous Thomas was printed (he chose all these)..

 Paid n left the Minitoons..

Then again Yuv started his crying ….But lil controlled..then I started talking to him abt “appa will come later n all those stuffs..as v walked to the Gate!

By the time..We were already at the gate ..n then seeing the security n two other elder kids crying “appa appa”, surprisingly he stopped crying completely n started playing with his Mickey keychain…n then we boarded First!!!

I expected him to sleep off  a lil later into the flight..This time I had decided I will not give him not even half of his sedative dose .cos as it is it was his sleeping time n I wanted him to enjoy his flight. I was prepared for a full non-sleepy flight of 4.30 hrs….

Slowly..Yuvan  became casual… n then understood the fact tha appa will come later …He enjoyed the take off saying “waw…. Amma..oooo …” (showing that we are going up) …n I told him to see out in the window … he literally enjoyed every bit of the aerial view of Singapore..looking like a  jewel  to the eyes..lit with neon lights all over ,with the skyscrapers moving away … the lights becoming a line thinner n thinner n then nothing  onto the windows of the flight ,only the mist that ‘s spread as a thin layer of snow…wow!!!!…It was not only Yuv..but also me who enjoyed every bit of the take-off like my any other  trip…

N then he found a fren to the back of his seat..he must be of Eash’s age n they both got well together..n yuv was playing talking with him the whole of 2.30hrs..kudoos to My co-passenger too..he had the patience to play n talk with Yuv sans his sleep!

Off went Yuvan to sleep in jus a second I shd say telling me that he wanted to sleep off!

Then he got up jus in time for the landing and again loved watching the aerial view of Chennai n it looked even amazing..cos it always comes with the feeling of “your own Land” ..n he identified the planes parked along as we reached the end of the run way..

Yuv truly enjoyed every moment of his flight journey…

Out we came of the airport,there waited My cousin ,my Best friend ..n What a feeling to be in India n to see both My cousin n fren after Two yearz!!!!

 There after Yuv had a ball of time with my cousin n Friend!!!






4 thoughts on “A Trip to Remember – I

    Vani said:
    June 12, 2008 at 12:22 PM

    Happenings in India would be continued ?;)

    Suhanya responded:
    June 12, 2008 at 1:45 PM

    Hey vani..Thanks for visitin MY blog..
    Yep..more stories on the way!!
    keep reading!

    rebecca said:
    June 12, 2008 at 2:32 PM

    good blog….like a travelogue..keep it going!!!

    Suhanya responded:
    June 12, 2008 at 2:34 PM

    thanks Rebecca!

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