A Documentary… A Fact….A Reality

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Kombai TribeEver since i saw the Documentary on “Living with Kombai tribe ” on The Discovery Channel,wanted to blog on that..

A very interesting documentary,that took me by shock and surprise to find out how in this 21st century there are still tribes living in the remote rain forests in their own world of jungles!!!

The documentary show cases two of its DCh’s extreme travellers Mark n Olly trying to live with the Most unique Kombai tribes in the most remote rain forests!!!

It shows every inch of them right from the time they enter into the forest with a translator,how they struggle n convince the Tribe’s head to gain entry in to the Kombai’s territory.Initially..they were asked to make their own shelter in the territory ,which they manage with the make shift tents Mark n Olly had brought with them..After which they were taught many of their lifestyles still they were offered no food as they weren’t still  accepted by the Tribes fully as their own/guests…After a day, they were asked to live with the family of the Tribal head by the head himself…They learn to hunt rats for food,to make some type of molasses from a tree that they cut down …hear stories from the ladies,using their dog in hunting…

A interesting incident is that When the tribes cut the tree down,cutting is done by theMen and then all the work of peeling and making the molasses in to a eatable food ,filling and taking the necessary quantity,cleaning everything is done by the women..During this Mark n Olly offer to help the women …n u Shd watch the very natural giggle,shy smile n happiness on the faces of the Kombai women..

But i Shd tell u they are Beautiful!!!

Mark n Olly owe to themselves to shun every worldly thing without which v cant live, like Wrist watch,bedspread.etc one by one..n finally they achieve it!!!

The ultimate thing is that the Tribal head decides to adopt them as his sons in their own way  n arranges for a grand function for which a hut specially built ,next territory Kombai tribes invited, a kind of food made from the insects that reside in the fell down tree ,n so on…!!!  (shd watch the doc to see how Mark n Olly ‘s face expression changes when they were offered the insect alive to swallow as the first food after the adoption ceremony!!) And a Unique Private part cover made by the Tribes themselves are given to every man in the tribe ..Mark n Olly had already known abt it and they were very much aware if they are adopted they will have to wear it as well… This makes Mark n Olly feel uncomfortable n embarassed and they spend the night before the adoption day, thinking how they wd tackle it or wat wd happen to them on that issue…Finally the Tribes decide not to make one for them as they find it difficult…watch the doc for exact conversation.. 

And the Kombai Tribe are rumoured as the cannibal tribe..and in a conversation ,one of the Tribe..who happens to be the son of the Head tells Mark n Olly how he killed another territory guy for some reason!!!
  Cannot express my feelings..but its a worthy watch!!! Read here  abt the Kombai Facts!!!

 All the more, Its more than a worthy watch!!

Today i read an article in which researchers had produced pics of “Uncontacted tribes” taken from an airplane..

Very astounding…m spell bound..jus watch it n read it here n u will feel how I felt abt It!!


3 thoughts on “A Documentary… A Fact….A Reality

    Angeline said:
    May 31, 2008 at 12:45 AM

    Wow. Wow!

    1st Wow- you changed your outlook! I love this!

    2nd Wow- this is something that I need to broaden my horizon…

    Suhanya responded:
    May 31, 2008 at 9:11 AM

    Hey ANgel..Welcome back To my blog!!!Happy abt u’r wowz…
    Will keep going!!!
    Thanks for u’r support!

    Bhony said:
    June 3, 2008 at 5:00 PM

    I have come across these kind of documentary in NGC.. even i wonder how these bushmen survive in those forests…for their whole life!!! How abt the kids?!?!.. pregnancy!!! delivery!!! My God!!
    But i’m sure they are out of politically fabricated life in city…Enjoy Bushmen!!!

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