Childhood Memories rekindled!!!!!!!!!!

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It all started with the traditional cube puzzle that i bought for my lil cousin ..Each side of cube has a picture so you could assemble 6 different puzzles.And it can vary from objects to animals n story pics…and what i bought is story pics…



 When my cousin was playing with it back in India during my recent trip..My other cousin K who is 4 years younger to me visited me..
K ,my brother n me almost grew up together..and if its summer vacation the only place each other stay is at either of the homes n have had loads of fun at each other’s place as both our families are that close..

And those days..My Dad would  buy us every vacation -one – during the long two months summer vacation and  two -the short DEC holidays were the puzzles called “Tinker ” (see image) and the ever famous Lego which v famously call Blocks..The most fascinating thing during those holidays was to go n buy these Tinkers with My DAD n play with it all day n night!!!


The Tinker

The Tinker


And me n my brother n K were damn crazy abt the Tinkers and we had loads n loads and my Dad n his Dad buys a lot as the purchase is only during vacation…so v wd wait for these vacations jus to buy these tinkers on top of everything else…
v three wd even shun to ve food until v solve all these puzzles..

And the place where they used to sell these Quality Tinkers n Lego was abt 45 mts Bus ride from our place n wow..Wat a feeling it wd b in the 45 mts bus ride..Thinking n recollecting what all tinker collections we three have all together..(v never repeat…v always share so that v have as many tinker sets as possible…),what to buy?excited to see watz new? ….and then the 5 – 10 mts walk from the bus stop to the shop will b too much to handle..too excited jus to go to the shop n get the feel of new tinkers in the hand ..the feel of the fresh new pack of tinkers wd jus give us that extra happiness and satisfaction for the whole of the vacation!!!

So..coming back ,when K visited me when i was with my lil cousin..v both were jus looking at the cube puzzle unknowingly for abt 15 mts i believe n didn’t talk a word…then suddenly at the same moment v both looked into each otherz eyes..and our eyes were gleaming n both me n K sd at the same time ” was thinking abt our tinkers” and then we started our big stories on Tinkers to my Aunt..(my cousin’s Mom..) n time jus flew by..n we three were all gleam eyes ,already time zoned 15 years back!!! What a feeling!!!

I still remember my old tinkers on which the outer papers had peeled off after excessive solving n dissolving!!!
And wd u believe ,when i got married , me n my brother passed our tinker collection which we had kept it safely all those years to this same lil cousin n he still treasures it though its 20 years old now,only cos it was used by me, K n my brother n was passed to him!!!!

DO u have anything like this??



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