Upbeat but Lil down under!

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Upbeat …???cos m flying to India day after tomo…n very eager  to meet my dearest buddy n spend some quality time with her!!

Lil down..cos from last Friday Yuvan is down with dry cough n cold..i had been giving him his paeds’ prescribed Bircanyl and Zyrtec…his cold subsided..dry cough not a great improvement!!he was not at school, these last two days!!so was busy with him being a playmate..classmate..friend,teacher n last but not least His MOM!!!

That’s why no posting since Last thursday!!

Finally took him to his pead..he told me that is cold is cos of Yuv’s environmental ezcema!!and changed his cold cough medicines to allergic cough n cold medines..n an antibiotic chewable tab!He had his doze of medicines n off to sleep now!!!

Looks better n will b goin to school today..he is missing  school a lot!! wanted to go today..he told..”amma ..sam coming..Ashaa (for AShwin)…

Did my lil India shopping..have planned my packing..but will b doing it tomo!! n off I go on Thursday for two weeks..

But i’m hoping that Yuvan’s cough shd get better…m very worried abt it!! as Its scorching hot In India as well now…

Keeping my fingers crossed!!!




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